This Resusable Silicone Face Mask Comes With 10 Replaceable Air Filters

Miakomo face mask feat.

Since the wake of the Novel Coronavirus, we have seen an array of face masks popping up in the market. There are masks like the “BioVYZR” and “Leaf” that provide the ultimate protection. Then there are the Disney face masks for the low-risk environments. Now, there’s a new mask in town called the Miakomo Pro Face Mask, which is reusable, washable, and comes with 10 air filters that prevent users to breathe in harmful allergens, pathogens, and most importantly, the deadly Coronavirus.

Now, the Miakomo Pro Face Mask is entirely made of silicone, which is a material that prevents air from passing through. So, users do not have to worry about the Coronavirus passing through this mask into the user’s nose or mouth. And as silicone can easily survive water, users can wash these masks with water and soap and use it again.

The straps of the mask also use silicone and unlike other face masks, these straps go around the back of the user’s head for a tight and secure fit.

Apart from the unusual material, the Miakomo mask also features a simple air filtration system. At the front of the mask, there is a filter holder that can accommodate a piece of the proprietory air filters that come with the mask. These filters are replaceable and users can put a new filter every 3-4 days.

The Miakomo Pro Face Mask costs around $24.99 and comes with a filter holder and 10 air filter strips. So, if you are in the market for an affordable face mask with decent protection, you should check out this face mask on its official website.

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