Qualcomm Snapdragon X80 5G Modem Launched at MWC 2024

snapdragon x80 5G modem by qualcomm
Image Courtesy: Qualcomm
In Short
  • Qualcomm has announced its next-gen Snapdragon X80 5G modem, which comes with many AI-powered features and satellite connectivity.
  • The latency, along with power consumption has been reduced, especially while dealing with mmWave bands on Snapdragon phones.
  • The company has also launched the FastConnect 7900 system for better performance while using Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth, or UWB.

Qualcomm is the industry leader in developing flagship 5G modems, offering superior performance and efficiency to the competition. After the Snapdragon X75 5G modem, Qualcomm is back with a new Snapdragon X80 5G modem at MWC 2024.

Snapdragon X80 Is the First AI-Enabled 5G Modem

The new X80 5G modem is all about AI. Qualcomm says the X80 5G modem is the first AI-enabled Gigabit 5G modem in the industry. Not just that, it also comes with satellite connectivity, which is directly embedded in the 5G modem.

Snapdragon X80 5G modem packs a new Qualcomm 5G AI processor for advanced performance. It also brings support for mmWave and Sub-6 GHz bands along with satellite connectivity. The AI-enabled feature can help in extending the range using CPE for better voice and video calling over 5G NR bands. In addition, AI is used for multi-antenna management in the X80 modem.

Qualcomm says the user experience is significantly improved with AI integration into Snapdragon X80. It offers 30% faster link acquisition, 60% faster CPE service acquisition over mmWave bands, and reduces power consumption by 10% while being on a mmWave 5G band.

Not just that, location accuracy is also improved by 30%, and the time taken for cell selection is reduced by 20%. In comparison to 4G networks, it delivers 5x better peak speeds. Apart from that, Carrier Aggregation has improved and now it can deliver up to 6x better performance.

FastConnect 7900 Launched With AI-Enhanced Wi-Fi 7

Qualcomm has launched a new FastConnect 7900 system, responsible for local wireless connectivity on Snapdragon chipsets. It has seen remarkable improvements in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and UWB (ultra wideband) connectivity. The latency has been significantly reduced and power consumption has come down by 30%.

FastConnect 7900 system announced by qualcomm
Image Courtesy: Qualcomm

Wi-Fi 7 on Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is already very fast, but with AI enhancements, the performance is said to be much better. The UWB band also uses integrated proximity for better awareness of smart devices like smart tags, car keys, etc.

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