Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Schedule (June 2024)

In Short
  • For June 2024, you can capture a total of four Pokemon across four different Tuesdays in Pokemon GO.
  • The hours begin with Makuhita, continue with Wingull and Roggenrola, and end with Morelull.
  • These Pokemon will frequently appear across the maps from 6 to 7 PM local time during the Spotlight Hour. You will also get bonus rewards.

As the new Pokemon GO June events begin, it’s now time to greet new Pokemon in the game. With that come brand-new spotlight hours that include some well-known Pokemon. So, are you excited to catch ’em all? Then keep reading as we list out the Pokemon GO Spotlight hour schedule for June 2024!

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Schedule and Bonuses (June 2024)

Pokemon GO June Spotlight Hour apperances

As part of the 2024 June Pokemon GO events, Niantic has once again included a spotlight hour to allow players to catch specific Pokemon and earn bonuses. This is the lineup for June:

MakuhitaJune 42x Catch Candy
WingullJune 112x Trainer Candy
RoggenrolaJune 182x Evolution XP
MorelullJune 252x Catch Stardust

As you can see, if you participate in the Pokemon GO spotlight hour, you will receive certain rewards. The spotlight hour for this month will take place on the mentioned dates above from 6 PM – 7 PM local time. That is every Tuesday.

Pokemon GO June Spotlight Hour Spawn Rate and Shiny Appearance

If you do participate in Pokemon GO June spotlight hour, remember that the frequency of these Pokemon appearing in quick succession only occurs for 60 minutes. So, you can frequently encounter a respective Pokemon and accumulate enough candies to power up, evolve, or both.

And yes, you can find the Shiny variant of these spotlight-hour Pokemon in Pokemon GO. However, their spawn rate is still standard. This means you have to use items like incense to increase your chances of encountering and capturing one. And it is purely based on luck. So, all the best in capturing a shiny Pokemon.

What Is a Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO?

To those unaware, Pokemon Go spotlight hours allow players to capture a specific Pokemon at a higher frequency. The Pokemon’s spawn rate increases, resulting in them appearing more than they should for a limited time.

Spotlight hours also provide bonuses for playing during the event, and each one is no different, including June. These are generally in the form of increased XP gains, better Stardust gains, and more. So, if you want to improve your level or gain more Stardust for Pokemon leveling purposes, these events are the best to participate in.

We hope you’re now ready for the Pokemon GO June spotlight hour. However, before you begin learn how to level up fast in Pokemon GO and get ready! Let us know which ones you plan to participate in down in the comments below.

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