Pokemon GO Roggenrola Spotlight Hour Guide

In Short
  • The Pokemon GO Roggenrola Spotlight hour begins on June 18 from 6 PM to 7 PM.
  • Players will also get a chance to catch a Shiny Roggenrola during the event.
  • Some of the best tips to catch a Roggenrola are to use adventure incense, get more Poke Balls, and walk a lot.

We are back again! Another day, another spotlight hour! After crossing off our other monster, the Pokemon GO June roadmap brings Roggenrola, a rock Pokemon capable of causing some serious damage. If you’re someone waiting to catch it, well, the Pokemon GO Roggenrola Spotlight Hour is here! So keep reading as we break down the Pokemon using our dedicated spotlight hour guide below!

Pokemon GO Roggenrola Spotlight Hour Time and Special Bonus

Roggenrola of Pokemon GO as seen in the anime
Roggenrola as seen in the Pokemon Journeys: The Series (Image Courtesy: Pokemon Wiki)

If you’ve already gone through our Makuhita spotlight hour you already know what to expect.

The Pokemon GO Roggenrola spotlight hour will begin on 18 June 2024 from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. As always, the spawn rate for Roggenrola will increase allowing you to catch the Pokemon.

This is perfect for players who want to add this Pokemon to their Pokemon GO party or evolve their existing Roggenrola. And yes, you will also get the chance to catch a Shiny Roggenrola. So, if you have good enough luck, you can encounter the shiny variant in-game.

Furthermore, the Pokemon Rogenrola spotlight hour also brings bonus rewards. This includes a 2x Evolution XP Bonus. So, if you evolve a Pokemon today, you’ll level up faster.

Pokemon GO Roggenrola Spotlight Hour: Best Tips to Catch

All set for the Pokemon GO Roggenola Spotlight hour? Check out the best tips to catch it right here before you do!

1. Walking Is the Right Answer

Pokemon GO veterans already know how important walking is in the game. Just like other Pokemon GO spotlight hour the key to catching a Roggenrola in-game lies in how much you walk. As such, the best tip I can give you for the Pokemon GO Roggenrola spotlight hour is to walk a lot.

You’ll see more and more Roggenrola nearby. Hence, you can walk a lot through your neighborhood or on a pre-determined route in-game to encounter Roggenrola much more frequently.

2. Use Those Berries You’ve Gotten

Use Nanab Berry as it increases the chances of catching a Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Berries in Pokemon hold a lot of importance and stand between you and your chance to improve your Pokemon-catching performance. Razz Berry helps explicitly calm the Pokemon and warms them up to you.

So, if you’ve never used a berry during a Pokemon encounter, the best time to use it is now. It will ever so slightly improve your catching opportunities. You can get Nanab Berry by spinning Pokestops or finishing your daily research.

3. Don’t Forget to Bring Poke Balls

Stock up on some Great and Mega Balls in Pokemon GO for today's Spotlight Raid

The Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour is all about catching these monsters. And as such, you’ll need Poke Balls for that job. Lots of them. So, ensure you’ve stocked up on as many Poke Balls as possible. Be it the standard red Poke Balls, the blue Great Ball, or the Black Ultra Ball, each will help you catch as many Roggenrola as possible during the Spotlight Hour.

4. Use Your Daily Incense to Increase Spawn Chances of a Shiny!

Use adventure incense to increase your chances to encounter Mareanie during today's Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO

The final piece of advice for shiny Roggenrola spotlight hour is to use your Daily Adventure incense. The incense temporarily increases the spawn rate of unique Pokemon around you. If you have a daily incense, save it up for the event and use it while going out to catch Roggenrola. This will significantly increase their spawn frequency, giving you more catching opportunities.

So, now are you all set for the Pokemon GO Roggenrola Spotlight Hour? Let us know in the comments below!

Can I evolve the Roggenrola in Pokemon GO?

Yes. Like most Pokemon, Roggenrolla evolves into a Boldore when fed fifty Roggenrola candies. Hence, catch as many Roggenrola as possible.

What is the catch rate of Roggenrola?

The base catch rate of a Roggenrola in Pokemon GO is 24% without berries.

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