How to Level up Fast in Pokemon GO

In Short
  • There is a leveling system in Pokemon GO, where the higher you level up, the better benefits you reap in-game.
  • For every action you perform in Pokemon GO, you gain XP points, which increase your player level.
  • Hence, to increase your chances of leveling up quicker, you can perform tasks such as catching Pokemon, evolving them, hatching eggs, and more.

Besides getting players physically fit by making them walk, Pokemon GO has a level-up system that encourages you to play it regularly. As expected, hitting certain levels lets you reap certain rewards that make the game more fun. However, for those who hate to wait, leveling up in Pokemon GO can get a bit tedious. If you’re the impatient sort and still want to level up fast in Pokemon GO, keep reading to learn how!

Pokemon GO Leveling System Explained

Like other games, Pokemon GO’s leveling system is bound to do various tasks. These can involve simply walking in the game, capturing Pokemon, spinning Pokesteps, fighting Raid and Gym Battles, and more. For every task you do, you gain XP. This XP is used to level up your trainer. The higher the XP, the higher the XP requirement of the game.

Pokemon GO currently has a Level 50 cap. The XP gain starts at 1000 XP for level 2 and ends at 30,000,000 XP for level 50. Look at the portrait on the bottom left to check your current level. Click on the same to know your XP progress for the next level.

  • Where your current level is shown up on the screen in Pokemon GO
  • Your current XP Progress before a level up is shown here

How to Level up Fast and Get XP in Pokemon GO

With that out of the way, let’s learn how to quickly level up in Pokemon GO. Remember that the idea here is to play smarter, not harder. Here are some of the best ways you should use to level up in Pokemon GO quickly:

  • Catch as many Pokemon as possible: The simplest and best suggestion to get XP in the game is to catch Pokemon as frequently as possible. The more you catch, the better your chances to level up become. There are various ways to earn additional XP while catching a Pokemon. For instance – A Nice or Great catch provides additional XP on top of the normal one. There’s also a daily XP bonus for maintaining a Pokemon-catching streak. So, as the tagline says, catch ’em all!
  • Hatch Eggs: Hatching eggs you’ve collected from journeying is another way to level up quickly. Depending on the distance, four types of eggs exist. The bigger the egg distance, the better your XP gains. If you can simultaneously put multiple incubators up and hatch eggs, you can speed up your leveling in Pokemon GO.
  • Take part in events and complete special research: Pokemon GO features special events every month. These have multiple steps, each with its own quests and XP rewards. Always ensure you finish these special events. You can participate in the ongoing World of Wonders seasonal event in Pokemon GO for a nice XP boost.
  • Evolve your Pokemon: You can earn XP points for every evolution you perform on a Pokemon. Evolve as many as you can to speed up the process. However, if you have popped open a Lucky Egg, it gives you an XP boost for 30 minutes. You can earn double XP during that time if you level up Pokemon, speeding up your leveling process.
  • Purchase and hatch a lucky egg: Lucky eggs are a special item in Pokemon GO that gives you a double XP boost for thirty minutes. If you have PokeCoins, consider buying and hatching a few lucky eggs for an XP boost. Alternatively, you can follow our PokeCoin guide to learn how to earn some money in-game.

And that is how you can level up fast in Pokemon GO. Do you know of other ways to level up faster in Pokemon GO? Let us know in the comments below.

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