Flying Pokemon Strength, Weakness, and Resistance

In Short
  • Bringing a Flying Pokemon will let you fight better against fighting, bug and grass-type Pokemon.
  • Unfortunately, if you are up against an electric, ice, or rock-type Pokemon, they'll find difficulty fighting them.
  • However, flying Pokemon have a similar resistance to their strengths, resisting fighting, bug, and grass-type attacks.

Anybody who has played a Pokemon game has briefly had a Pidgey or a Pidgeot as their main. One of the most commonly picked types, flying Pokemon in the universe, comes with many advantages. However, like other element types in our arsenal, even flying Pokemon have weaknesses. If you happen to have a flying buddy with you, keep reading as I tell you about their strengths, weaknesses, and resistance.

Flying Pokemon Strengths

Flying Pokemon Strengths

Suppose you have a Pidgeot and have gone on an expedition with your other monster. Unfortunately, in the world of Pokemon, you also stand a chance of encountering other wild Pokemon, resulting in battle.

If you do find yourself in such a tough situation, ensure your Pidgeot is fighting a Pokemon belonging to the Fighting, Bug, and Grass-type elements, as these are the best flying Pokemon strengths.

Flying counters fighting in-game might be attributed to birds having an air advantage over a fighter. The flying element performing better against bug-type also makes sense, as in real life, bugs are birds’ natural prey.

Also, the strengths of flying Pokemon have stayed unchanged for the most part throughout the generation. So, you can play any Pokemon from any generation and have a similar experience.

Flying Pokemon Weaknesses

Flying Pokemon Weaknesses

Like any Pokemon, your Pidgeot has some disadvantages, forcing them to take more damage than normal. To avoid that, you should know that flying Pokemon are weak against Rock, Electric, and Ice-type elements.

Anyone who has watched the Pokemon anime has seen how Pikachu thundershocks and easily defeats Pidgey or Pidgeotto. As such, these two real-life situations also reflect the Flying Pokemon’s weaknesses in-game.

Flying Pokemon Resistance

Much like their strengths and weaknesses, Pokemon belonging to this archetype never had various variations of their resistances changed throughout the games. As such, if your Pidgeot faces a Fighting, Bug, Grass, and Ground Pokemon, it will withstand their attacks and even resist them.

And that’s all you should know about your Flying Pokemon in the games. Remember, as information is similar between Pokemon and Pokemon GO, you don’t have to remember additional details between the games. How’s your flying buddy doing? Let us know in the comments below!

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