Pokemon GO June 2024 Event Guide

In Short
  • Niantic has officially shared the Pokemon GO June roadmap including special research, raid battles, spotlight hours, etc.
  • For June, participate in the Community Day Classic, GO Fest Sendai if you are in Japan, and Slumbering Sands for some costumed Pokemon.
  • Furthermore, there is an 8th Anniversary event planned, which should bring new Pokemon and tasks to the game.

Pokemon GO events for the last month were stacked, with one great activity coming after the other. As May slowly ends, we have finally received the brand-new content roadmap for June 2024. So, if you are a regular player excited to head into Pokemon GO Shared Skies or a new player, here’s every event confirmed for the June roadmap in Pokemon GO. This includes Spotlight Hours, Raids, and special events. So, with that, let’s have a look!

All Pokemon GO Events in June 2024

1. Pokemon GO Fest: Sendai

Pokemon GO Fest Sendai concluding in June 2024 as an event
Image Courtesy: Niantic/Pokemon GO

Timings: May 30 to June 2, 10 AM – 6 PM local time

The month of June events in Pokemon GO begins with the GO Fest: Sendai. As the name suggests, this is an event specifically focused on the region of Sendai, Japan. So, you must visit the region to participate in this particular event.

During these two days, Pokemon Marshadow and Necrozma will debut in-game. Furthermore, bonuses such as 1.5X Hatch Stardust, 1.5X Hatch Candy, etc., will also be available.

2. Stadium Sights

Pokemon GO Fest Stadium Sights in June 2024 as an event
Image Courtesy: Niantic/Pokemon GO

Timings: June 1 to June 4, 10 AM – 8 PM local time.

The first major Pokemon GO event for June 2024 is the Stadium Sights. In it, players can encounter some of the popular Flying-type Pokemon from the Sendai event globally. This includes fan-favorite Pidgey, Pidgeot, Doduo, Meditite, etc.

Furthermore, the shiny Emolga will also appear in-game for the first time through this event. There will also be bonuses like 1.5x candy and Stardust for hatching Pokemon.

3. Slumbering Sands

Pokemon GO Slumbering Sands in June 2024 as an event
Image Courtesy: Niantic/Pokemon GO

Timings: June 7 to June 12, 10 AM – 8 PM local time.

Slumbering sands in Pokemon GO will feature a handful of great additions. As part of the costumed Pokemon roster, Slakoth, Vigoroth, and Slaking will debut wearing visors, including their shiny variant. You might encounter them while taking snapshots during the event.

Outside of that, there will be event-themed field research tasks, timed research for players connecting a Pokemon GO Plus+, Wild Encounters with Pokemon such as Psyduck, Slowpoke, etc., Paid Timed Research for $2.00, and collection challenges. If you’ve played the Ultra Space Wonders from last month, it follows a similar trajectory.

4. June Community Day

June Community Day in Pokemon GO
Image Courtesy: Niantic/Pokemon GO

Timings: June 9, 2 PM – 5 PM local time

The community day for June in Pokemon GO will also be part of the monthly events. This community day is Goomy-themed. So, Goomy and Shiny Goomy will appear in-game during the event. Furthermore, participating in this event will net you 2X catch candy, 3x catch stardust, and also a chance to finish specific field research.

5. Spelunker’s Cove

Timings: June 15 to June 18, 10 AM – 8 PM local time

Spelunker’s Cove is another of the themed events scheduled for June in Pokemon GO. However, details around the event, apart from the dates, haven’t gone live yet. We will promptly update you with the necessary details once they are available.

6. Scorching Steps

Timings: June 21 to June 25, 10 AM – 8 PM local time

Scorching Steps continues the tradition of themed events in Pokemon GO. Unfortunately, we are too early in the days of the new roadmap, and details are yet to go live. Judging by the name, it feels this event will be Fire Pokemon-focused. We will keep you updated with the same.

7. Community Day Classic

June Community Day classic in Pokemon GO
Image Courtesy: Niantic/Pokemon GO

Timings: June 22, 2 PM – 5 PM local time

Community Day Classic is a special event in Pokemon GO where a previously featured Pokemon in a Community Day returns. And, this event is once again coming back for the June events. For this month, Cyndaquil is the featured Pokemon. You’ll get a chance to capture Cyndaquil and its shiny variant. Furthermore, playing during the event also allows you to reap benefits from 2x catch XP, and 2x catch stardust, among other benefits.

8. 8th Anniversary Party

Timings: June 28 to July 3, 10 AM – 8 PM local time

Pokemon GO turns eight years old in June. And Niantic plans to celebrate with style. While details are currently unavailable, we expect the game to feature new Pokemon drip-fed periodically, and special research events rewarding players with impressive items.

9. Elite Raid: Mega Rayquaza

Timings: June 29, 12 PM – 5 PM local time

As previously mentioned in Shared Skies, Mega Rayquaza will return to Pokemon GO in June. While its catch requirements and conditions aren’t live yet, we expect it to follow the standard Elite Raid format. We will promptly update the details when they go live.

10. Pokemon GO June 2024: Spotlight Hours

Spotlight Hours are returning to Pokemon GO in June as part of their events. Like May, players can capture these Pokemon during specific hours and days:

  • June 4: Makuhita
  • June 11: Wingull
  • June 18: Roggenrola
  • June 25: Morelull

These Pokemon will appear on the given dates from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm local time. So we advise being prepared. We will also write specific guides on each Pokemon with the necessary details, so keep an eye out for that.

11. Pokemon GO June 2024 Raid Hours

Raid Hours are also once again returning to Pokemon GO in June. This current Raid Hour will replace the May Raid Hour, featuring new Pokemon. Take a look at them:

  • June 5: Zapdos
  • June 12: Landorus
  • June 19: Yveltal
  • June 26: Yveltal

Interestingly enough, Yveltal will appear twice in a single month for June. However, these Pokemon will appear during the Raid Hours on the given dates and from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM local time.

Pokemon GO June 2024 Infographic

To help everyone with the necessary information, Niantic has shared the official infographic containing every Pokemon GO event in June 2024. This infographic recaps every detail of the upcoming events, including Raids, Shadow Raids, and upcoming events. Take a look below:

  • Roadmap info 1
  • Roadmap info 2
  • Roadmap info 3
  • Roadmap info 4

These are what you can expect from the May roadmap in Pokemon GO. Judging by its length, players are in for some great experience in the coming weeks.

What do you think? Will you play every planned event in the June roadmap for Pokemon GO? Let us know in the comments below!

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