Pokemon GO Makuhita Spotlight Hour Guide

In Short
  • Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO are a special time when a particular Pokemon spawns higher than its usual spawn rate.
  • On June 4, 2024, from 6 PM to 7 PM local time, players can encounter the Fighting Pokemon Makuhita, including its shiny variant, more frequently.
  • This is the perfect moment to evolve your Makuhita or add one to your Pokedex.

Of all the numerous amazing things about this game, Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours has to be one of my favorites. After an amazing May session, the game is opening up its June spotlight hour schedule with Makuhita. A Fighting Pokemon, this one joins the ranks of three others slated to appear this month. If you’re a Pokemon trainer eager to add this buddy to your roster, keep reading our Pokemon GO Makuhita spotlight hour guide below!

Pokemon GO Makuhita Spotlight Hour Time and Special Bonus

Makuhita as seen in the Pokemon GO anime
Image Courtesy: Pokemon Anime/Legends of the Multi Universe Wiki

Like all other Pokemon Go spotlight hours, Makuhita’s time begins on 4 June 2024, from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. During this time, Makuhita’s spawn rate will increase, allowing you to see more instances of it with better chances of a successful catch. However, it doesn’t end there.

Trainers will also get a chance to catch a shiny Makuhita during the spotlight hours in Pokemon GO. However, keep in mind that the shiny spawn rates are standard. However, given their increased spawn rate, your chances aren’t slim.

Furthermore, playing Pokemon GO during Spotlight Hour also nets you sweet bonuses. If you play during the upcoming event, you can get yourself 2x catch candy per capture. So, if you plan on evolving a Pokemon, it is wise to go out on 4 June.

Pokemon GO Makuhita Spotlight Hour: Best Tips to Catch

Now that you know the date and time, here are some tips to maximize your chances of catching Makuhita.

1. Walking Is Your Friend

You saw this one coming. Being Pokemon GO, you will obviously need to walk your fair share to find a Makuhita. Take advantage of any routes nearby, or walk your favorite route in your locality. The more you walk, the more chances you have of encountering a Makuhita and its shiny variant in Pokemon GO.

2. Use the Adventure Incense

Incense is a very important item in Pokemon GO, and you get its usage out during the Spotlight Hours. The adventure incense increases the spawn rate of Pokemon around you for 15 minutes, Players get one incense daily.

Pokemon GO Adventure Incense

I suggest holding onto this until 6 PM and using it before you go for a walk. If you don’t have incense, get PokeCoins and buy it from the store. This one increases the spawn chance by 60 minutes.

3. Great Balls and Berries for the Win

Stock up on some Great and Mega Balls in Pokemon GO for today's Spotlight Raid

The Pokemon GO Great Ball increases the chances of catching a Pokemon without it escaping. Ultra ball is a Great Ball but with a higher catch percentage. You can get these balls by spinning a PokeStop, and once you have them, use them to capture Makuhita in Pokemon GO.

If you don’t have enough, I suggest stocking up to prepare for the upcoming event. Use the berries in your inventory during the encounter. Berries like the Nanab Berry increase the chances of catching a Makuhita.

Do you plan on participating in the Spotlight Hour? How do you plan to prepare yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

Does Makuhita have an evolution in Pokemon GO?

Yes. To perform an evolution on Makuhita, you’ll require 50 candies. Once you evolve Makuhita, it turns into a new Pokemon named Hariyama.

What is Makuhita’s flee rate in Pokemon GO?

Makuhita has a moderate flee rate in Pokemon GO, amounting to just 10%. So, it shouldn’t be a trouble catching one when you encounter them.

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