5 Unique Features in Poco F1 You Won’t Find in This Price Range

Poco F1: 4 Flagship-Level Features That Make it a Great Purchase

Xiaomi dented the definition of a flagship by introducing the Poco F1, which comes with flagship grade hardware at a price which is more suited to the mid-range. By doing so, Poco F1 has not only outpaced the OnePlus 6 but also a relatively cheaper competitor – the Asus Zenfone 5Z – which we thought would shake up things for OnePlus with its aggressive pricing and stunning specifications.

The Poco F1 (Rs 20,990 via Flipkart) also brings a slew of features which were earlier thought to be exclusive to flagships – or flagship killers. Poco F1’s great features help it overshadow not only all of the devices in the segment that it belongs to, but also other smartphones available for a much higher price.

The Poco F1 has a pretty strong case with compelling hardware specifications and exceptional add-on features. So let’s take a look at 5 features in the Poco F1 that you won’t find in this price range.

1. Snapdragon 845

Probably the most attractive and shiny feature of the Poco F1 is its super-charged processor which is a highly unusual sight looking at the price. The title for the cheapest phone (not alien to markets except China) so far was held by Asus Zenfone 5Z for which you had to spend Rs 9,000 extra which means there’s a straightforward cut of 30% in the cost.

The fact that Poco F1 features the most powerful smartphone processor manufactured hitherto at a price that will give a pounding heart to OnePlus 6 buyers is enough to make it a compelling buy. But has that cut in price affect the performance of the smartphone is something you can check out in our full review.

2. Dual Speakers

Poco F1 brings the flavor of a dual-channel audio which is something that is yet to become common enough to be seen on other devices. Devices which are priced at more than double – some even triple – the F1 are the ones usually seen to feature dual speakers. The dual speakers result in an enjoyable audio experience, especially when gaming is concerned.

The dual speaker setup consists of a main speaker at the bottom and a secondary speaker veiled under the earpiece grille at the top. While watching videos or while gaming, you get an audio setup with audio pouring out from both sides of the smartphone.

Any economics guru would disapprove of the hypothesis that these speakers outdo many expensive rivals. That, indeed, is true and you wouldn’t get speakers that beat the iPhone X or Galaxy S9 or Note 9, but I’m still blinded by the sheen of this price to actually judge that well. I have noted the speaker’s performance in detail in this article.

3. Heat Sink

The Poco F1 gets dedicated hardware for dissipation of heat from the CPU and this is especially useful when clicking a lot of pictures, shooting at 4K, or gaming extensively. The system uses basic thermodynamics to dissipate heat from the upper half, from where the CPU is, to the lower half of the smartphone.

This keeps thing mostly at room temperature if not frigid cold which is appreciable for a smartphone of this price. You can read more about the performance of the LiquidCool technology of the Poco F1 in this dedicated article.

4. IR Face Scan

Infrared-based face unlocking on the Poco F1 adds to a very secure solution. Because of the IR illuminator and a dedicated IR camera, the Poco F1 is very difficult to unlock fraudulently. Since the IR sensor scans for the 3D topography of a face instead of just a 2D picture which most other smartphones use.

It’s not the only smartphone have sophisticated face unlock mechanisms – Samsung has iris scanning, the iPhone X has Face ID, and Oppo Find X has something which can be called a copy of Face ID. But the Poco F1 excels on the premise that it brings this technology at almost one-third of the price. The IR scanner even works in the dark which is an amazing prospect.

5. Kevlar back

The fact that Poco F1 comes in a polycarbonate shell might dampen the desire to buy the smartphone for some users. But keeping that in mind, Xiaomi has also announced an armored edition which comes with a triple-layer Kevlar sheath to give the F1 a premium feel – totally depending on your power of imagination. It feels great if not truly premium, and you can also be less worried about shattering a glass back.

Poco F1: The New Flagship Killer?

The Poco F1 has the potential to outpower a lot of flagships and hailed flagship killers.

OnePlus smartphones have so far been considered the leader, which has enjoyed its secure position on the wall between good and great smartphones. But with the Poco F1 bringing such attractive features at an unbelievable price, I think it has the potential to change the characteristics which define a flagship.

Buy the Poco F1 from Flipkart (starts at Rs 20,990)

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  • Anu Modi says:

    #PocoF1 #POCOPHONEF1

    No Doubt the Most Value For Money Phone This One Is 🙂

  • Sandesh says:

    With Kevlar costs 30k so that doesn’t add up to that

  • Sandesh says:

    With Kevlar costs 30k so that doesn’t add up

    • Tushar Mehta says:

      I would still say it’s a good buy at 30k if not for Kevlar but for the 256GB storage, considering you get 6GB+64GB in Zenfone 5Z. MicroSD have always been slow and painful for me.

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