Pixel 6 and 6 Pro Will Not Launch in India, Confirms Google

will google pixel 6 launch in India

Google officially announced the Pixel 6 series at its Fall event. At this point, you might be wondering if the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are coming to India. That’s exactly what we will be answering in this article. Read on till the end to find out if you can purchase the Pixel 6 series in India to experience the new Tensor chip, Android 12, and five years of security updates.

Google Pixel 6 India Availability

After initially announcing the availability of the Pixel 6 series in nine countries, Google expanded the list to 12 countries after the launch event. The following nine countries will get Pixel 6 from October 28:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Ireland

And here are the countries getting the Pixel 6 series early next year:

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Singapore

Although we knew Google wouldn’t immediately launch the Pixel 6 series in India, most of us were hoping for Google to launch the latest Pixel phones in the country sometime next year along with the next-gen a-series model. However, the Mountain View giant has killed all our hopes and confirmed the Pixel 6 series won’t launch in India.

In a statement to Gadgets360, Google confirmed it won’t bring the Pixel 6 series to India. The company blames the global supply issues (chip shortage) and other ‘variety of factors’ to make this decision.

“Due to a variety of factors including global demand supply issues, we are not able to make our products available in all markets. We remain committed to our current Pixel phones and look forward to bringing future Pixel devices to more countries in the future,” a Google spokesperson told Gadgets360.

Unlike Pixel 4 that didn’t launch in India due to the Soli radar chip, Google isn’t facing legal hurdles to launch the Pixel 6 series in India. Instead, it’s purely a business decision this time around. Considering how Pixel 6 is an important phone for the future of Pixel flagships, Google seems to be playing it safe by launching it in markets where it’s confident enough to sell sufficient units.

Pixel 3 and 3 XL were the last flagship phones Google launched in India. Since then, the Indian market has missed out on the Pixel 4 series, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5, and Pixel 5a. That leaves us with the only option for anyone interested in a Pixel phone in India, the Pixel 4a. Here’s to hoping Google doesn’t let us down with the Pixel 7 series.

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  • Ashwin Chandwani says:

    The camera of google phones has always been a stand out. They even beat iphone in photography. Even the pixel 5 beats iphone 13 pro in photography especially bokeh effects. The only problem with google is they don’t market their phones well at least in India and their displays have lots of issues right from Pixel 3 to pixel 5. If pixel 5 camera beats iphone 13 pro without 7p lenses wide angle f/1.5 sensor just imagine Pixel 6 pro with periscope (drawback of iphone)and 50 mp samsung sensor GN1 wide angle with great auto focus. Waiting for a phone with newly announced gn2 sensor with dual pixel pro technology that should solve autofocus problems of new phones (samsung or non-samsung..eg.xiaomi)

  • Jasvinder Singh says:

    An idiotic “business decision” pixels 6 and pixels 6pro are the cheapest as per there last Pixel siblings. If they brought in india as per US pricing to roughly INR 45000 and 69000 for pro it’s much less then iPhones 13 series. Google has to try it’s new chip and hardware this time by online Pre Ordering and see how many they sells this Quality product in india. I am sure India will beat 1 or 2 country overall pixels sells by majority number 😂

  • Deepti Bhargava says:

    It’s Heart breaking . I love pixel phones and was hoping to upgrade it this time from 3XL

  • Later says:

    Wondering why not samsung and iphone are facing same issue like google. Maybe samsung and iphone are cheap companies infront of google.

  • Ustad says:

    Not interested anyways. Pixel phones are the most boring piece of tech. Would rather buy a used iPhone any day.

  • Ustad says:

    Not interested anyway. Pixel phones are the most boring phones. Would rather buy a used iPhone than a Pixel any day!

  • Karthik says:

    Many of the people don’t understand that big companies like Google, and Sony are away from Indian market because it doesn’t gives them a profitable business. Indian market is flooded with chineese brands, and majority of the Indians go for cheap mobile with higher specs. And Devices like Sony And Pixel connot compete in such market since their making, marketing, branding, shipping takes it more high. That is one of the reason big players are staying away. Apple is able to continue doing business because it has no competitors in IOS.
    The rule is simple until we Indians go for quality product rather than cheap like Europe and US, we might never see such brands launching their phone in India.

  • Bombed Bees says:

    This sucks😓

  • I hate google from now says:

    I love Pixel! But Google broke my heart.

  • Dewang Gunjal says:

    Oh shit . So many people are excited to buy . Why Google pixel marketing always sucks .

  • Later says:

    Its clearly pure racism… So, first they (rich countries) hoarded all vaccine shots, did not even share with poorer countries in the most ruthless ways.

    Now this. Tomorrow if there is a crisis, these rich countries will not even share food with rest of world – already we are headed that way.

    I urge India to reduce population – else we will have a massive crisis going forward – the first affects of climate change will come to India for sure !

  • Google ka baap says:

    How can be live without pixel 6 or 6 pro???

  • Qwe says:

    Sundar Pichai has done betrayal to his motherland

    • Ashwin p says:

      WTF?? Remember he’s a CEO of an American company, he is not obligated to serve India. lets not forget it’s America that gave him the job and life he had now and not india.

    • Pranav says:

      May be that has to do something with his birth place.

    • Roshan says:

      Get the info well into your brain before judgement. It’s a “Bussiness” decision, not a “Personal” decision.

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