Nintendo Switch 2 Could Come with Backwards Compatibility; Rumor Claims

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In Short
  • New rumors suggest Nintendo Switch 2 will support backward compatibility.
  • A hardware reveal may happen next month, and a game showcase event may happen next week.
  • Earlier, the Nintendo President had denied the rumors of a successor to the Switch.

Nintendo Switch 2 leaks and rumors are getting spicy, and we are now hearing more details regarding the next-gen handheld. According to a new leak posted on, the Nintendo Switch 2 will feature backwards compatibility. The website has been known to reveal upcoming games before they are showcased at Nintendo Direct, so there is a fair amount of credibility here.

With backwards compatibility, the new Switch 2 will be able to directly play games originally made for the older Switch console. UniversoNintendo mentions that the content creator PHBrazil shared all this info on its latest Spotify podcast episode.

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Older Switch games could run better on the upcoming Switch 2 with backwards compatibility

In addition to backwards compatibility, it has been mentioned that the Switch 2 will “allow developers to study improvements for the current titles in the Nintendo Switch library“. Bear in mind that this is a machine-translated version of the information.

Older games made for the first Switch handheld could potentially run better on the new Switch 2! This would make things similar to how the PS5 works as it upscales many PS4 games to look better. Several other rumors have also emerged. According to @CentroLeaks on X (formerly Twitter), the Nintendo Switch 2 hardware reveal is next month. Plus, a showcase event for new games known as ‘Direct’ is coming next week.

Keep in mind that these are rumors related to the Switch 2, which is an unannounced product. You can find out everything we know about Nintendo’s upcoming handheld here. These details are quite exciting and right in line with what we have heard previously. Still, Nintendo has declined any request for comments related to their handheld, and the company president had recently even denied reports of a successor.

What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch 2 supporting older games with backward compatibility? Let us know in the comments below.

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