Nintendo Switch 2: Everything You Need to Know

In Short
  • Leaks suggest that Nintendo Switch 2 could be released in March 2025, and according to Nintendo's president, an announcement will happen before that time.
  • Rumors claim an LCD panel will be used for Switch 2, but most probably, the quality will be much better than the original Switch.
  • The next-gen Switch is also rumored to include the Nvidia T239 chip, DLSS support, and an updated magnetic Joy-Con controller design.

It has been seven years since the launch of the Nintendo Switch (review) back in March 2017. And while we have had the Switch OLED bestowed to us, gamers worldwide have been waiting for the second-gen Nintendo Switch. Now, if all goes well, the announcement of the Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to be held sometime this year. This upcoming gaming console will bring many upgrades to the next-gen Switch console.

So far, many whispers have been heard within the industry on what the Nintendo Switch 2 could feature. Let’s check out everything we know about the upcoming handheld and what upgrades to expect over the previous-gen Switch. Do come back to check out more news on the upcoming handheld, as we are regularly updating this.

Last updated on July 16, 2024, at 3:00 PM IST to include new information about the Switch 2’s release date & specifications

Nintendo Switch 2: Expected Release Date

Getting right into it, we discuss when to expect the Nintendo Switch 2 release. The most recent reports state that Nintendo will announce its next console before April 2025. This comes after Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa officially confirmed the announcement window in X post. The post on X says, “successor to Nintendo Switch within this fiscal year.”

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has also revealed that the company aims to outsmart scalpers by ensuring an ample supply of the upcoming Nintendo Switch successor. By producing enough consoles to satisfy consumer demand, Nintendo hopes to prevent the inflated prices and limited availability that plagued the original Switch’s launch.

Since the original Nintendo was also announced in March 2015, the successor may be around the same time of the year. Centroleaks has further compiled the leaks from several sources including Brazilian tvPH and claimed the expected release date to be March 2025.

Earlier in February 2024, a new report mentioned that the new handheld has been delayed to launch in 2025! According to Brazil-based journalist @xdocontrole, five of his sources have claimed that Nintendo is targeting a 2025 release date for the Switch 2. Later the same month, Japanese media publication Nikkei further stated that the new Nintendo Switch 2 is coming out in March 2025.

Moreover, media outlets Eurogamer & VGC have supported the 2025 release date rumor for Nintendo Switch 2. At this point, a large of sources through these aforementioned outlets have claimed the same thing. One rumor said that even game publishers have received new information regarding the Nintendo Switch 2 release date. Reportedly, more new game titles will be prepared for the Switch 2.

Previously, it was believed that March 2024 could be the announcement month for Nintendo Switch 2, as per NateTheHate (who has previously shared Nintendo-related leaks & rumors) stating the aforementioned date. At the ResetEra forums, another leaker by the name of Necro Felipe has reaffirmed that “Team March will win after all.”

Back at CES 2024, Nintendo’s next-gen console was a hot topic and also leaked details emerged. However, note that many insiders have claimed that the leaked release date of Nintendo Switch 2 is just guesswork. So, things are not concrete as of now, and that will be the case until Nintendo itself announces the release date. Rest assured, we will keep updating this space as we get more info.

It is possible that the Nintendo president denied all the rumors of a successor simply to dismiss unofficial hearsay. But after all, Nintendo has not officially spoken much about the next Switch. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt until the Nintendo Switch 2 is officially confirmed by Nintendo.

nintendo switch handheld gaming console
Image Courtesy: Nintendo

Developers Are Already Working on Nintendo Switch 2 Games

A new Mario game, potentially powered by Unreal Engine 4, is rumored for the Nintendo Switch 2. Reports suggest a 3D Mario title as a launch game, followed by a highly anticipated Mario Kart X in the console’s second year. Nintendo is reportedly investing heavily in Mario Kart X, making it their most expensive game to date.

A survey taken at the beginning of 2024 has revealed that 32% of developers are most interested in making Switch 2 games. Here, it was also revealed that 8% of developers are currently working on new titles for the “Nintendo Switch successor“. Many Switch 2 rumors suggested we could see the launch in 2024, but 2024 expectations are now quite dead.

Still, devs working on new Switch 2 games is a crucial piece of official information, amidst the numerous leaks & rumors of the new handheld. The source for this is the Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2024, which has held its annual survey receiving lots of info on the current state of the gaming industry.

nintendo switch 2 mentioned in gdc survey 2024

Nintendo Switch 2: Pricing (Expected)

Nintendo launched the original Switch at $299. A few years later, the newer and premium OLED variant was launched at $349. A simple $50 bump for an OLED screen was acceptable, although the internal specifications & in-game performance remained the same. At some point in 2022, we also heard about a ‘Nintendo Switch Pro‘ that could be coming out.

But then, Digital Foundry claimed Nintendo had axed the existence of a Pro model in favor of a full-on generational upgrade with major research & development resources assigned to it.

Nintendo doesn’t go ‘over the top’ when it comes to pricing. While games are expensive, the gaming consoles themselves (whether from Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft) are sold at relatively affordable prices. So, we expect the Nintendo Switch 2 to cost between $349 to $449.

Some rumors suggest the pricing could be upwards of $400. The rumors also state two different Switch 2 variants are being worked on. One is reportedly going to be a digital-only variant, so games will have to be downloaded over the internet.

nintendo switch gaming

The other variant is expected to have support for physical cartridges. If Nintendo does launch two variants, the Switch 2 lineup will be similar to how Sony sells its PS5 gaming consoles, with both disc and digital versions available to purchase.

Bigger gaming consoles with advanced computing capabilities, such as Xbox Series S or PS5 Digital, are sold near the $400 price point. But despite the existence of those consoles, the Nintendo Switch 2 will have an exclusive fan following, and it will sell like hotcakes. Hopefully, the final price will not go above $400!

While the original Switch was featureful in various ways, the hardware was mid-range at best. All that has changed since Nintendo launched the Switch OLED, with a much more premium display.

I expect Nintendo to increase the price from $299 (1st gen). The original Switch console had a very basic 720p display. Since Nintendo Switch 2 will come with various upgrades, the aforementioned price range is a decent assumption for the next-gen console. Start saving up now!

Nintendo Switch 2: Specifications & Next-Gen Experiences

Based on the recent reports, we can estimate the power of the Nintendo Switch compared to the PS4 Pro and Xbox Series S in docked mode (before DLSS). The leaks cannot be verified yet and are just based on leaks and speculation. The specifications will see a significant RAM and storage upgrade. According to some Famiboards member claims, the next Switch console will have:

  • 12GB of RAM
  • 2x 6GB LPDDR5X modules capable of 7,500MT/s transfer speed
  • 256GB of UFS 3.1 internal storage

We previously heard that Switch 2 will feature PS5-level visuals and performance. The leaker then stated that its source had seen Final Fantasy 7 running on the Nintendo Switch 2 with impressive visual quality. Here, we speculated that Switch 2 could feature PS5-level visuals, but perhaps not at the same level of fidelity.

But given the portable form factor it is limited to, it is tough to expect 4K-level gaming from the next Switch. Despite all this, the new console should feature highly improved graphics. Moreover, a higher resolution is achievable through AI upscaling too, notably a rumored feature.

Reportedly, the company has filed a patent for AI-based upscaling (via: very recently. Below are the possible specifications & next-gen experiences that Nintendo Switch 2 may feature, as per various leaks. Many have stated that the console was revealed to a selective crowd back at Gamescom 2023.

  • Switch 2 will feature a new Nvidia-based processor with improved performance and efficiency. Speculations suggest that it will be an Nvidia T239 chip, but the final specifications have not been confirmed.
  • Support for Nvidia DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling). For those unaware, this tech is for upscaling the render resolution to a higher quality (such as 720p to 1080p)
  • Backward compatibility was reportedly tested on a few titles. But, it is still unclear whether or not the new console will feature it.
  • Capable of playing Unreal Engine 5 titles with Matrix Awakens demo having been tested.
  • Nintendo’s iconic Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was reportedly showcased at Gamescom 2023. Reportedly, this version featured higher graphics quality.
mario kart augmented reality game on switch
Augmented Reality-based Mario Kart running on Nintendo Switch

Currently, various AAA titles exist for the Nintendo Switch. We already have Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, Doom (2016), and Doom Eternal, along with several other AAA games that launched on the previous console. It is crazy how far the original Switch can go, given its age.

The optimization from developers and scaled-down graphics from PC/PlayStation/Xbox versions also make this experience on a handheld possible.

New advancements, including the rumored upgraded chip, will result in a major boost in visual fidelity of new gaming experiences on Nintendo Switch 2. Games from Nintendo, such as Super Mario, Pokemon, and perhaps a new Zelda game, will take the most advantage of the Switch 2’s updated internals. It will also be exciting to see new multiplayer experiences with better visuals coming to the Switch 2, along with new innovative AR experiences.

The storage should be upgraded greatly on the new Nintendo Switch since the sizes of games have increased dramatically. We could also see expandable storage support on the Switch 2, as we saw on the Switch 1.

Speaking of the battery, Nintendo has offered the same 9 hours of battery on its original Switch and the OLED variant. But, during heavy gaming scenarios, the battery life drops significantly. The portable form factor of the Switch does not allow the company to put a massive battery in there. In some way, a balance will have to be achieved. Unfortunately, there is little word on that, so we will have to wait and see.

Nintendo Switch 2: Display

A vibrant OLED display is one of the major things everyone wants. But, it’s something we may not get with the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2. We could expect to see a slightly improved display similar to Nintendo’s high-end OLED version of the Switch. The new Switch 2 could be 720p resolution. But even then, I would not be too bothered, given the PPI (pixels per inch) count will be good enough anyway.

Some leaks from @CentroLeaks on X come in the form of a comparison between the Nintendo Switch, Switch 2, and Steamdeck. The leaks come from another forum member, mjayer, who has suggested the device has an 8-inch display.

Possibilities of major display upgrades on the Switch 2 include a 120Hz refresh rate, a brighter display, and an upgrade to 900p/1080p resolution, providing even sharper clarity. Considering how modern handhelds like the Asus ROG Ally and Legion Go pack refresh rates of 120 and 144Hz, respectively, a high refresh rate display for Nintendo Switch 2 will be greatly appreciated by fans worldwide.

Nothing is set in stone yet. Hence, the Nintendo Switch 2 could launch with a high-quality LCD panel instead, despite the Switch OLED having that premium panel. A VGC report suggests exactly this. The sources claim Nintendo will include an LCD panel instead of an OLED panel on the Switch 2. This is reportedly due to various other upgrades being planned for the upcoming console.

In January, analyst Hiroshi Hayase (via Bloomberg) also claimed that the Nintendo Switch 2 will come with an 8-inch LCD panel. Now, there are multiple reports of Switch 2 having an LCD panel.

If the rumor coming from Bloomberg and the leaks are true, the Nintendo Switch 2 will be quite an immersive gaming handheld with its 8-inch screen. Currently, the Switch OLED has a 7-inch screen while the original Switch has a 6.2-inch screen.

nintendo handheld in white color
Image Courtesy: Nintendo

If this is the case, a more premium OLED variant of Switch 2 could also launch later on. Compared to the non-OLED variant, the new Switch came with a breathtaking upgrade to the overall display quality and specifications.

The display on the Nintendo Switch OLED was still of 720p resolution. But, this new display proved itself to be a major step up. The OLED Switch has deep contrast, highly improved colors, and a smooth refresh rate of 90Hz.

The original Nintendo Switch (1st generation) console has puny display specs when compared to the new OLED model. The 1st-gen Switch is almost 7 years old. So, I definitely do not expect Switch 2 to come with such outdated display specifications. Even if Switch 2 gets an LCD panel, it should be a high-quality IPS panel.

It should be featuring a much better experience than the 1st-generation Switch. Maybe the recent rumors stating LCD for Switch 2’s launch model are true. Still, I think the OLED variant could still be planned to be released later.

Nintendo Switch 2: Expected Design & Evolved Features

Nintendo Switch 2 should feature a brand-new design, given the age of older consoles. If we go by the Spanish publication Vandal, the new controllers may attach to the console using a magnetic system.

The report further claims a huge design upgrade for it. However, this also means the current rail system on the console will not be added to the new design. This will make the magnetic Joy-Cons not compatible with the old rail system. The design upgrade will also see Switch 2 be bigger than its predecessor but not as huge as the Steam Deck, according to the reports.

Previously, a leak centering around new Joy-Con controllers surfaced, which indicated that Switch 2 will have an updated controller design.

The original Switch has long suffered from stick-drift issues, which makes the joysticks unusable if the user faces the issue. The new Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to feature a more reliable controller design, possibly preventing this issue from happening. You can have a look at the controller design patent filed by Nintendo below.

nintendo switch 2 leaked patent possibly showing updated controller thumbstick design
Image Courtesy:

Reportedly, the Nintendo Switch 2 dev kits that have been dispatched to game developers, as per leaks, feature a modular design similar to the original model. Hence, the same versatility that is a docked mode, TV mode, and portable handheld mode is expected with the Nintendo Switch 2.

By the way, it is confirmed that users will sign in with the same Nintendo account as the previous console on Nintendo Switch 2. This will create a smooth transition for any previous user leaping to the second-gen Switch handheld.

Nintendo Switch 2: Future of Handheld Gaming?

When the Nintendo Switch 2 comes out, it could very well define the future of handheld gaming in the market. After reviewing the ROG Ally and testing out the original Switch, this handheld felt like a classy device with a unique vibe, thanks to Nintendo’s ecosystem of games and unique features.

When I expect the Switch 2 to be the future, I’m not trying to say it will be capable of higher res and graphics than the most powerful handhelds of today. Instead, I’m pointing out how this is not just a gaming device but an all-around entertainment system with lots of fun experiences to try with your family and friends. Many already feel like the original Switch is the best handheld console.

The Nintendo Switch 2 could only level things up but time will tell. We will update you with all the latest information regarding the Switch 2 as it comes out, so stay tuned.

What do you personally expect from the new Nintendo Switch? Will you be upgrading to it? Let us know in the comments below.

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