Game Developers Already Making Nintendo Switch 2 Games: GDC Survey

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In Short
  • The GDC 2024 survey was held recently, where over 3000 developers who work in various studios (including AAA) were questioned.
  • The results showed that 32% of game developers are most interested in making games for Nintendo Switch 2.
  • 8% of developers are working on titles for the Nintendo Switch 2, referred to as 'Nintendo Switch successor' in the survey.

A new survey held by the Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2024 has revealed exciting news for the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 handheld gaming console. The GDC 2024 conference will be held later in March, but the survey results are already out.

GDC has asked over 3000 game developers various questions related to the industry. When asked, “Which platform(s) are you developing your current project for?” the survey results revealed that PC gaming is the king in terms of new video game development. Below that the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Android/iOS were mentioned.

GDC Survey results show presence of upcoming nintendo switch 2 handheld gaming console, in questions related to game developer interest and ongoing game development
Image Courtesy: GDC Survey 2024

18% of developers are reportedly making new Nintendo Switch games. Most importantly, a separate 8% of game developers are working on titles for the “Nintendo Switch successor.” We are talking about the Nintendo Switch 2 here! We’ve heard numerous leaks about the next-gen handheld, such as processor upgrades, new controllers, and better screen quality.

The development of new game titles on the unannounced Nintendo Switch 2 is quite a confidential affair. So, there could be even more developers working on Nintendo Switch 2 games that we won’t hear about, although this survey was held anonymously. The next most interesting question asked in the GDC Survey was, “Which platform(s) most interest you as a developer right now?“.

Again, PC Gaming won, with Sony’s PS5 gaming console coming in second. It was revealed in this GDC survey question that 32% of developers are most interested in making games for the Nintendo Switch successor!

Of course, the Nintendo Switch 2 handheld gaming console is being referenced again. All of this points to exciting news for Nintendo Switch 2 development, and this new handheld console is expected to redefine handheld gaming.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo Switch 2? You can read more on when to expect the new Switch in the aforementioned article, which details everything there is to know about the handheld. Let us know what you expect from the new Nintendo console in the comments below!

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