Garry’s Mod Forced to Remove 20 Years Worth of Nintendo Content

Garry's Mod takes down Nintendo-related Content
Image Courtesy: Facepunch Studios/Garry’s Mod
In Short
  • Garry's Mod is taking down 20 years' worth of Nintendo mods from the game.
  • This comes after Nintendo issued a formal takedown notice to the game's developer, Facepunch Studios.
  • Facepunch Studios urges modders to remove any and every Nintendo-related mods to help them prune 20 years of content.

Anyone who has used Steam since 2006 has heard of Garry’s Mod. Chances are, you’ve even played the game. The extremely popular sandbox game allows players to import characters and models to create maps. Naturally, such freedom has allowed players to develop different kinds of content, including the likes of Nintendo, for a long time. It now seems that freedom has come to bite Garry’s Mod back.

As shared in the game’s news section on Steam, the popular sandbox game Garry’s Mod will remove all Nintendo-related workshop items dating back to the last twenty years. This comes after Nintendo started issuing takedown notices for company-related content. Additionally, they urged Garry’s Mod players and modders to help them by deleting every Nintendo-related upload from Garry’s Mod Workshop.

The developers also claim that they aren’t surprised by this happening. Considering it is Nintendo’s content, they have every right to protect it. Facepunch Studios has to respect and remove everything from the game. I won’t lie; this is the most straightforward clarification from a developer regarding a mishap, and I respect the studio for not mincing words.

As for the unfortunate news, I am with the developers on this. Nintendo is well-known for being protective and litigious around its IPs and brands. The last thing the developers want is for Nintendo to take them to court and get the game deleted for good.

Earlier this year, we saw them challenge the developers of the Yuzu emulator and win the case. Hence, it is clear the company isn’t shy of doing that. What surprised me was that it took Nintendo such a long time to notice all the Nintendo-related stuff on Garry’s Mod and take action.

Regardless, this will create a huge void in the community, as Nintendo-themed mods were a huge part of it. Do you regularly play Garry’s Mod? Does this affect you? Let us know in the comments below!

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