New Nintendo Switch 2 Specs Leak Highlight Massive RAM Upgrade

Nintendo Switch 2 more Specifications and Release Window Leak cover
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In Short
  • A new set of Nintendo Switch 2 leaks have appeared online, suggesting huge upgrades.
  • Famiboard forum member LiC said Switch 2 could have 12GB of RAM, 2x 6GB LPDDR5X modules capable of 7,500MT/s transfer speed, and 256GB of UFS 3.1 internal storage.
  • Another member, Mjayer, suggested the device will have an 8-inch display.

I think not talking about the Nintendo Switch 2 is like being in denial at this point. Although the Switch 2 rumors have been circulating for over a year, the latest rumors have cemented many early claims. This series of leaks has hyped up the release of Nintendo Switch 2 more than ever. So, before the speculated 2025 release window for the Nintendo Switch 2 comes, let us look at the rumored specifications leaked online.

Thanks to a compilation of Android Authority leaks, we now know about the next Switch and its features. According to Famiboards forum member LiC, they have analyzed the shipment listings of the next Switch console. Here are the specifications the Famiboards member claims to find in Nintendo Switch 2:

  • 12GB of RAM
  • 2x 6GB LPDDR5X modules capable of 7,500MT/s transfer speed
  • 256GB of UFS 3.1 internal storage

Although there is no conclusive evidence, it will certainly be quite an upgrade to the 2017 console. Another forum member, mjayer, has suggested the device has an 8-inch display. Centroleaks on X has shared a post regarding the screen size of a mockup of Nintendo Switch 2 with its predecessor and the Steamdeck. We already know from another report that the Switch 2 design upgrade is confirmed.

Nintendo Switch 2 Potential Release Window

Another leak suggests that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be released in March 2025. It also mentions that more official information will come in Fall 2024 (September and December). This leak comes from a Brazilian streamer, tvPH, who went on YouTube to share more about Switch 2. Earlier, Nikkei had claimed the Switch 2 reveal would be in March 2025. Centroleaks has compiled the details and shared them in an X post.

The leaks also claim backward compatibility with first-generation Switch games for physical and digital copies. Leaked information suggests that the upcoming June Nintendo Direct will primarily feature game remasters and might be the final Switch-centric Direct event. Additionally, an Indie World Showcase highlighting independent Switch games is reportedly planned for August.

Based on these leaks, we can estimate the power of the Nintendo Switch compared to the PS4 Pro and Xbox Series S in docked mode (before DLSS). With more RAM and storage specifications, it seems Nintendo has created a good handheld.

But for now, these are all leaks. This means we must wait for an official update on Nintendo Switch 2. What do you think about the leaked specifications and release window of Nintendo Switch 2? Are you excited about the next console? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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