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Nintendo Switch 2 Will Match PS5 Visuals & Performance; New Leak Reveals

switch in dock tv mode

Gamers have been excited about the upcoming successor of Nintendo Switch, a handheld gaming console. We do know from previous leaks that dev kits have presumably landed in the hands of game developers, and they are already optimizing their games for it. But now, it’s time to talk about the rumors around Nintendo Switch 2’s graphics quality & performance. So, let’s discuss the crucial details revealed in recent Nintendo Switch 2 leaks.

Nintendo Switch 2 Allegedly Runs Games Similarly to PS5

This leak comes from a renowned leaker known as “I’m a Hero Too,” who has shared updates related to the Nintendo Switch 2. Firstly, they stated in the leak that dev kits for Nintendo’s Switch 2 console have been distributed. Dev kits, for the uninitiated, are initial prototypes of upcoming gaming consoles. They are distributed to developers before the official launch, so they can optimize their games for it.

Then, they stated that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake “looks and runs like a PS5 game on Switch 2 devkit.” They continued, adding that the porting process of the game to the Switch 2 devkit took no time. Also, the leaker confirmed that backwards compatibility has been tested on a few games.

These are bold claims to make. But it has been almost 7 years since Nintendo released the original Switch, so it’s not completely out of the question for the Nintendo Switch 2 to become much more powerful, especially when other handheld gaming consoles have made the leap. Still, it’s tough to believe the Switch 2 will run games like a PS5.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Final Fantasy 7 Runs on 4K On PS5 (Image Courtesy: Square Enix)

Will Nintendo Switch 2 Actually Run Games Like the PS5?

The new leak begs the question: Will the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 run different games across the board at PS5 quality visuals and performance? We cannot say for sure, even if this leak holds true in the future.

When the leaker said the game ‘looks’ like it is running at PS5-quality performance and visuals, it probably does not mean that the Switch 2 is running exactly at the same graphical settings that the PS5 is optimized for. The PS5 packs in hardware that is powerful. Developers can definitely optimize and scale down settings, including the resolution and power draw. With that, high-quality AAA games can surely be run on handhelds such as the Switch 2 devkit.

A specific resolution was not stated in this leak. And, modern games can look more similar than you would assume at Medium/High/Ultra settings depending on the game. So, it shouldn’t be assumed that the next Nintendo handheld will run games at the same quality as a PS5 console.

Playing Spiderman Game On PlayStation 5 Gaming Console

But still, this leak points to a massive graphical quality & performance jump for the upcoming Switch 2; hinting at a huge upgrade in internal hardware. We can expect it to pack enough punch & surpass last-gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One.

So, what are your thoughts on the recent leaks surrounding the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2? Are you excited about Nintendo’s successor to the original Switch? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Yeah sure, be prepared for 720p-900p, 20-30fps, and some wacky new gimmick. I love Nintendo games but Tears of the Kingdom was held back by the hardware. Not saying it didn’t look good, the overall art is very nice, but the terrible low resolution, awful jaggies and blurred lifeless PS2 textures, and chugging framerate killed it for me. I’m all but certain we will get another tablet that prioritizes portability and a new gimmick, rather than visuals, resolution, or fps. Oh well, at least they still make excellent games which is the most important thing.

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