15 Most Powerful Supes From The Boys and Gen V (Ranked)

After Marvel and DC, The Boys has grown to be one of the biggest franchises revolving around superhumans. The key to the success of The Boys is the parody they created revolving around already existing superheroes and twisting the motives and morality of the characters from being noble, kind, and heroic to being arrogant, evil, and generally of a villainous nature like Homelander being a parody of Superman. Even though evil and villainous, these characters are significantly powerful in both The Boys and its spinoff series, Gen V. So, let’s talk about the top 10 most powerful Supes we have seen in The Boys and Gen V and rank them based on their powers.

Note: As it is evident from the first three seasons of The Boys, Homelander’s son Ryan will grow up to be the most powerful supe since he has Compound V genetically embedded in him. We have not included him in this list as he’s not a ‘supe’ yet.

15. The Deep

Most powerful characters in The Boys and Gen V (The Deep)
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After Homelander, The Deep is probably the most hated character from The Boys. The Deep is a parody of Aquaman since his powers are the same as his minus the trident and the royal lineage. The Deep is hungry for attention and validation from The Seven, especially Homelander. He can go to any extent to feel validated and has done unspeakable things to gain that validation. The Deep, even though a member of The Seven is usually ignored and is taken as a joke. He was also removed from the team for sexually assaulting Starlight.

14. A-Train

Image Courtesy: IMDb

A-Train is the adaptation of Flash made by The Boys. Even though A-Train is nowhere as fast as Flash is, he’s quite fast. A-Train is the one responsible for the death of Robin, Hughie’s girlfriend when he ran into her at an extreme speed quite literally obliterating her into fragments. This is where the arc of Hughie joining Butcher and becoming a part of The Boys begins. A-Train is one of the few characters in the series who were seen having a degree of character development but that didn’t last very long either.

13. Black Noir

Black Noir
Image Courtesy: IMDb

In the comic version of The Boys, Black Noir is a clone of Homelander created as a failsafe to bring down Homelander if he ever loses control. However, in the live-action adaptation, Black Noir’s history is a mystery to us. He has been portrayed as a veteran Supe who has been a part of the team called ‘Payback’ under the leadership of Soldier Boy. He suffered a certain degree of brain damage and emotional abuse from Soldier Boy when he was working with him. In the series, he is not as powerful as he is in the comics and is quite instantly killed by Homelander but in the trailer of The Boys Season 4, we can see that he’s very much alive

12. Andre Anderson

Andre Anderson
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Andre Anderson is a fellow student at Godolkin University who is one of the best-rated students at the university. He has the power to control metallic things with his mind, basically, he is the Gen V version of Magneto. He got his powers from his father who was a Magneto-like hero and now Andre dreams of following his father’s footsteps into being a member of The Seven. However, the sudden demise of Chance Perdomo, who plays Andre Anderson, has put season 2 of Gen V on hold indefinitely so, let’s wait and see what happens next.

11. Kimiko

Most powerful characters in The Boys and Gen V (Kimiko)
Image Courtesy: IMDb

When The Boys found Kimiko in the fourth episode of the very first season of the series, she was in a terrible state. She was caged like an animal and was taken in by The Boys. She turned out to be Supe who has extreme agility and an extremely efficient healing factor. Soon, she became a part of the team and also their most lethal combatant. She was initially mute and developed her own kind of sign language to communicate with Frenchie with whom she developed a strong bond throughout the show.

10. Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Queen Maeve is a parody of Wonder Woman created in The Boys. She has pretty much the same powers as Wonder Woman does. She has superhuman strength, and endurance, can jump really high, and is quite literally bulletproof. She is one of those supes in the series who are actually disgusted by the evil that hides behind Vought. She is strong but is no match for Homelander so she just has to watch him commit heinous crimes and she can’t do anything about it. Queen Maeve is one of the few characters in the series who can actually be called a “Superhero”.

9. Sam Riordan

Most powerful characters in The Boys and Gen V (Sam Riordan)
Image Courtesy: IMDb

We first got introduced to Sam Riordan in the first season of Gen V. He is the brother of Golden Boy, the one student of Godolkin Univesity who was definitely going to join The Seven. The thing is, it is later revealed to us that Sam has always been more powerful than Golden Boy. He was so strong that Vought had to keep him locked and heavily sedated in a special prison called ‘The Forest’.

However, with the help of Little Cricket and other Supes, Sam escapes the prison only for people to realize later on that Sam has always been more powerful. The only problem with him is that he never had the training to understand and control his powers and gradually developed severe mental health issues.

8. Stormfront

Most powerful characters in The Boys and Gen V (Stormfront)
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Stormfront was introduced to us in the second season of The Boys as a replacement for Translucent who Hughie and Butcher killed off. Initially, when she joined ranks with The Seven, Homelander saw her as a rival but eventually, a romantic chemistry developed between the two Supes. However, Homelander was unknown of the fact that Stormfront is a closet Nazi and has formerly been known as Hero Liberty who used to kill off racial minorities. She planned to use her new platform to promote her white supremacist ideas.

However, she was taken down by Ryan with his laser eyes to save his mother. Ryan severely injured Stormfront and she took her own life in Season 3 of The Boys.

7. Starlight

Most powerful characters in The Boys  Gen V ( Starlight)
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Starlight is one of those supes in The Boys who really wanted to help people using her powers and save the world. Her powers include her being able to control and manipulate electricity on her will However, her illusion of The Seven being heroes was broken on her very first day at the headquarters, and was assaulted by The Deep. She met Hughie who gave her a sense of comfort and eventually, they fell in love and Starlight became a mole to The Seven for Hughie and team. Over time, she became a member of The Boys and joined their fight against the tyranny of Vought and its Supes.

6. Golden Boy

Most powerful characters in The Boys and Gen V ( Golden Boy)
Image Courtesy: The Boys Wiki

Golden Boy was essentially the counterpart of Human Torch for Gen V, set in the universe of The Boys. He was quite literally the Golden Boy of Godolkin University who was always the number one at everything. Be it academics or be it his overall ranking of #1 at the university. He had the power to manipulate fire on his will, he could fly, and had a certain degree of superhuman strength.

However, what he witnessed in “The Forest” and what happened to his brother there, took a severe toll on his mental health eventually driving him to kill Brink and himself right after it. He was the number one choice of Godolkin University and was set to join The Seven if he had not done what he did.

5. Cate Dunlap

Most powerful characters in The Boys and Gen V ( Cate Dunlap)
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Cate Dunlap was also introduced to us with the first season of Gen V and has the power of persuasion. She can touch anyone and make them do whatever she wants them to do. Cate was the girlfriend of Golden Boy before he killed himself. However, even though the season finale of Gen V proves to us that her power is not at all to be taken lightly, she refrains from ranking higher at the university because her powers are limited by physical touch. She needs to touch someone with her hands to use her powers, that’s why she is always wearing gloves.

4. Victoria Neuman

 Victoria Neuman
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Victoria Neuman was introduced to us in Season 2 of The Boys as an ambitious congresswoman condemning Vought for their misguiding portrayal of themselves in the media. However, later on in the series, we got to know that she is a Supe herself and not just a supe, a really powerful one. She has the power of molecular combustion. This means that she can alter the pressure and speed of molecules in a person’s body eventually making their head explode, quite literally.

The only drawback of her power is that she needs to be able to see her target to be able to use her powers. So as long as you are out of her visual range, you should be safe.

3. Marie Moreau

Most powerful characters in The Boys and Gen V (Marie Moreau)
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Marie Moreau was the protagonist of Gen V and has a rather unique set of powers. She has powers similar to that of Victoria Neuman with some additions. Victoria can use her powers just to cause a violent reaction in the body of a human and make their heads explode, while Marie can use her or anyone’s blood to forge weapons out of it as well. In the series, we get to see that after Golden Boy, she turns out to be one of the most powerful characters in Gen V and The Boys universe.

2. Homelander

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Homelander is the big bad guy of The Boys. He is a parody of DC’s Superman who instead of being a symbol of hope, like Superman, is a twisted psychopath with a God complex. Homelander has all the powers Superman does but no apparent weakness that could kill him making him superior to quite literally every single being on the planet. Even in the comics, he is portrayed as the most genetically superior supe which led him to become the leader of The Seven.

It has been made clear that even if every single weapon humans have in their arsenal was thrown at Homelander, it would not even put a scratch on him. However, in season 3 of The Boys, Willaim Butcher with his team, Soldier Boy, Queen Maeve, and Starlight was almost able to take him down. In the upcoming Season 4 of The Boys, it seems that William Butcher and his boys might find a way to kill him.

1. Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Soldier Boy is essentially the Captain America of The Boys minus the chivalry and moral ethic. He was the leader of an old superhero team created by Vought called Payback much like Captain America. He was thought to be dead for a long time but was actually captured and cryogenically frozen for over a decade. He has the power to drain any supe of its powers using his radiation blast. Soldier Boy forms an alliance with Butcher who agrees to help him take down his former teammates in exchange for Soldier Boy’s help to take down Homelander.

Butcher planned to use Soldier Boy to drain Homelander of his powers and kill him. However, things change when Soldier Boy tries to fire his radiation at Ryan and we see Homelander and Butcher fighting alongside each other to stop Soldier Boy.

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