The Boys Season 4: Does Butcher Have Powers?

In Short
  • Butcher seems to have gained powers in The Boys Season 4 Episode 4.
  • He was attacked by Ezekiel and Butcher blew him to bits but it is not shown how.
  • It's possible that Butcher gained some powers he did not know about yet after injecting himself with Compound V.

The Boys Season 4 episode 4 has just been released and it seems like an answer to everyone who said that season 4 does not seem to be as good as it previously was. This episode by far was the most gruesome this season. We see Homelander going back to the lab he was made in only to murder the people who had tormented him as a child. However, the best part about this episode was neither this nor Starlight losing her cool and beating Firecracker to a pulp but a slight tease about Butcher having powers but how did that happen? Does Butcher have powers now? Find out in this article!

Butcher Gets Powers and Becomes a Supe in The Boys Season 4

Butcher Seems To Have Gained Powers in The Boys Season 4
Image Courtesy: IMDb

In the episode, Ezekiel catches Frenchie red-handed while attempting to find some dirt on Firecracker. Butcher jumps in to save him but after standing his ground for a while, he is held in a chokehold by Ezekiel. As he is about to pass out and die, we see the worm-like thing that has been crawling in his body come near his mouth. However, the screen blacks out, and when Butcher wakes up, we see Ezekiel torn into bits.

The possibility is that Butcher might have gained powers similar to Victoria Newman in The Boys Season 4 looking at how Ezekiel’s body was blown into bits. However, considering that some worm/parasite is living in Butcher’s body, it’s also possible that we might get to see a Venom-like ripoff that takes over Butcher’s body hence he has no recollection of what happened.

How Does Butcher Get His Powers

Now the big question is, if Butcher has some powers, how did he get them? In the scene where A-Train hands over Hughie the Compound V for his dad, Butcher sees all of it happen and tells him that when he realized that he was dying because of using Temporary Compound V, he tried to heal himself by injecting Compound V into himself in hopes of saving his life.

While at that time, Butcher thought that it did not give him powers but now it seems, that it did. So, let’s hope that in the next episode, we get to see what Butcher’s powers exactly are and till then, stay tuned with us for further updates!

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