The Boys Season 4 Trailer Released; Jeffrey Morgan Joins the Cast!

the boys season 4 teaser trailer screenshot
In Short
  • Amazon Prime Video has officially released a 1:30 teaser trailer for The Boys Season 4.
  • Homelander, William Butcher, and many other known faces a comeback, along with a new character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
  • The Boys Season 4 release date has not been revealed, and the teaser ends with a "Coming Soon" banner.

One of the most awaited announcements of this year has been made, and well, it looks “Clucking Diabolical.” Amazon Prime Video has released the official teaser trailer for The Boys Season 4 and Oh-My-God, something really big is going down this season.

It seems that this time, The Boys is going to have more of a political approach where Homelander is doing something to have total control over everything. Karl Urban is making a comeback as William Butcher and is still trying to take down Homelander. However, this time, he seems to be getting into an alliance with a character played by the one and only Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

Source: YouTube

Now the teaser does not reveal a lot about the plot of The Boys Season 4, so we can’t say anything about it as of now. But as soon as we get our hands on something more substantial, we will let you guys in on it ASAP!

The Boys Season 4 Release Date

The Boys Season 4 teaser ends with a “Coming Soon” banner, so we do not have any substantial release date right now. However, if we look at the pattern of when the previous seasons were aired, we can expect the next season to come out anywhere between June and September 2024. So, stay tuned to receive an update on the release date!

Now I am as excited as you are for The Boys Season 4, but there are a lot of questions regarding it, which the t easer didn’t quite answer.

So, for now, let us hold our horses and wait for more information on Season 4, and as soon as I get a sniff of anything brand new, you will be the first one to know. Till then, let me know what you think of the new teaser trailer in the comments below.

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