The Boys Season 4 Episode 6 Confirms Joe Kessler Is Not Real

The Boys Season 4 Episode 6 certainly gave me some stuff I’ll need therapy for after I finish it, but along with that it also revealed a much-anticipated topic. As it turns out, Joe Kessler was nothing but a hallucination of Butcher and the audience was making the right guess. Let’s talk about why Butcher has been hallucinating Joe Kessler.

Joe Kessler Is a Hallucination Created by Butcher’s Tumor

Joe Kessler is a Hallucination Created By Butcher's Tumor
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In The Boys Season 4 Episode 6 shows us that Butcher along with Joe Kessler is pushing Sameer to make more of the Supe-killing virus and make it strong enough to take down Homelander. However, after much persuing, Sameer reveals that if he makes the virus that strong it will become airborne and contagious which will kill all the supes, all around the world.

To this Butcher gets in a dilemma about whether he wants to do it or not. This is when a hallucination of his wife Becca tells him he should not do it. However, Joe Kessler yells at Becca and tells her to shut up, this reveals that Joe Kessler is not real and is also a hallucination of Butcher. He reveals that the real Joe Kessler died in Panjshir Valley and Butcher never pulled him out of there.

Why Does Butcher Hallucinate About Joe Kessler and Becca

We all know that Butcher’s brain is messed up with the tumor which is also enhanced by Compound V. The worm in Butcher’s head is apparently his power. Joe Kessler talks to Butcher on behalf of the tumor and confirms that it was he who killed Ezekiel and saved Butcher’s life. Joe is trying to convince Butcher to make the contagious virus and kill millions while Becca is trying to convince him not to.

They both are like the angel and devil on his shoulder. In my opinion, he has these hallucinations because of the tumor and the worm in his head one of which might be his deepest darkest desires in the form of Joe Kessler and the other in the voice of reason in the form of Becca. So, to whom will he listen to? I guess we will find out in The Boys Season 4 Episode 7.

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