5 Homelander Weaknesses That Can Bring Him Down in The Boys Season 4

In Short
  • Homelander is quite vulnerable to supersonic sound as we've seen in the previous seasons of The Boys.
  • In comics, Homelander was defeated by Black Noir, a clone of Homelander, which is again a weakness of the most powerful Supe.
  • The Boys Season 4 is set to release on June 13, 2024.

Homelander has been a real pain for William Butcher and his team, The Boys. Even though the Supe has a perfect public image of a savior, the reality of him is quite the opposite. In truth, he is quite literally a psychopathic maniac with a God complex. Now, with The Boys season 4 coming up, we might get to see Willaim Butcher and his Boys take down Homelander, the most powerful Supe. Now the question is, how? So, let’s talk about the 5 weaknesses of Homelander that can be used to possibly take him down in The Boys Season 4.

1. Supersonic sounds

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We all know that Homelander at his core is a sinister twist to Superman. Even if he does not share a weakness like Kryptonite with Superman, he does share a few. Homelander’s X-ray vision cannot see through zinc, while Superman’s cannot see through copper. Another weakness he shares with Superman is his vulnerability to high-frequency sounds.

Both of them have super hearing but it is often more of a disadvantage rather than a superpower. In Season 2 of The Boys, we see that when William needed to rescue Becca and Ryan, The Boys deployed Vought sonic speakers broadcasting at a frequency of 190,000 Hz.

This frequency is substantially above the normal hearing range of any human but since Homelander has superhearing, it was painful enough for him to seek the source and destroy it. This gave enough time to William to rescue Becca and Ryan. This weakness of Homelander can be substantially amplified in The Boys Season 4 potentially resulting in being fatal to Homelander.

2. Love and Attention

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This particular weakness of Homelander might not kill him but is definitely enough to subdue him. Homelander is a character who deeply craves love and adoration from people around him and the people of this world. No matter how evil he is from within, Homelander has always been able to hold a perfect public image. It’s almost like he needs that adoration to be able to survive and be him.

When he started losing that image of himself because of Stormfront, he considered killing a bunch of people protesting against him but held himself back to preserve his image. Queen Maeve was able to subdue him with the threat of releasing the video of Homelander letting a plane full of innocent people crash. So, his fear of losing the love and affection of people can be used to put a leash on Homelander, if not kill him.

3. A Supe with Similar Powers

Homelander and Ryan
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It has been made pretty clear to us by now that Homelander cannot be taken down with any weapon in the arsenal of humans. However, in the comic books, the only thing that was able to take down Homelander was, well, himself. A clone was made just in case the tyranny of Homelander went way over the top, modified to be killable by enough force. Can You guess who this clone was? Let me tell you, it was Black Noir. In the comics, Black Noir was the clone of Homelander, created as a failsafe if Homelander ever goes rogue. However, in the show, Black Noir was given a different backstory and was made much less powerful.

This clone was the one who ultimately took down Homelander and then was killed by the military and William Butcher. In the live-action series, Ryan, his son, is the only person who can grow to be as powerful as Homelander. So, who knows, maybe because of what he did to his mom, Ryan might end up taking Homelander down? I guess we will have to wait to find out.

4. Team of Supes

A team of Supes
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Homelander, without a doubt, is almost undefeatable by anyone singlehandedly. However, what about a team of supes? In season 3 of The Boys, when Butcher and Hughie injected themselves with Temp V and were fighting alongside Soldier Boy to bring down Homelander, they were able to overpower him and almost had him pinned where Soldier Boy could use his chest blast to kill Homelander off.

Homelander sure is extremely powerful, but has little to no experience taking a stand against a whole team of Supes and this inexperience is a weakness of Homelander that could end up being fatal to him.

5. Novichok

Soldier Boy
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As we already know, Homelander was created from the DNA of Soldier Boy, with certain additions to give him some extra powers. Now, in season 3 of The Boys, we find out that the Soldier Boy was held in captivity with a gas called Novichok that kept him contained.

This gives rise to the possibility that Novichok could be used against Homelander as well. Now, since Homelander is a modified version of Soldier Boy, we can’t say for sure if it will work or not. However, if it does work, Homelander could be contained in a similar way as Soldier Boy was. As far as I think, a contained Homelander is far better than a free Homelander, if not a dead Homelander.

The Boys Season 4 will premiere on June 13, 2024.

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