The Boys Season 4 Episode 5: What Is the Supe Killing Virus

In Short
  • The Boys Season 4 Episode 5 shows bring in the supe killing virus.
  • The supe killing virus was introduced in Gen V and was created by Dr. Edison Cardosa at Godolkin University.
  • Butcher plans to use this virus to kill Victoria Newman and maybe Homelander as well.

The Boys Season 4 Episode 5 has finally brought in a real turn of events with the introduction of characters from Gen V and an element from the show that could completely turn the tide of the events we have seen so far in The Boys Season 4. In Episode 5, we see that Butcher is after the supe-killing virus, and when the last dose of it is used up in an attempt to save their lives, Butcher does something messed up to acquire more of the virus. However, I think you folks would want to know more about the supe-killing virus and what is it and if you do, you have landed on the right page.

The Supe Killing Virus Was Introduced in Gen V

The Supe Killing Virus Was Introduced in Gen V
Image Courtesy: IMDb

The supe killing virus in The Boys was created by Dr. Edison Cardosa played by Marco Pigossi in Gen V released in 2023. This series showed us that this virus was created in a place called “The Woods” in a hidden bunker under Godolkin University. The supe-killing virus was created as a contingency against the growing population and dominance of Supes.

The virus when injected into a normal human would do nothing at all but if it is injected into a supe, it latches on to Compound V in their bloodstream and kills them which, in terms of Butcher is “F*****g Diabolical”. However, Victoria Newman lured Dr. Edison Cardosa into handing over the virus to her, and as soon as she received it, she killed him.

Can the Supe Killing Virus Kill Homelander

Can The Supe Killing Virus Kill Homelander?
Image Courtesy: IMDb

As revealed to us by Butcher himself, the supe killing virus in The Boys is not strong enough to take down Homelander, at best, it can weaken him. Butcher plans to get his hands on some of that virus and use it on Victoria Newman. However, the plot twist here is that since Butcher, along with Joe Kessler has now captured Sameer Shah, Butcher might force him to create a much stronger version of that virus to take down Homelander but that is just a speculation and let’s see where the show takes us after this.

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