The Boys: Black Noir Powers and Weaknesses

In Short
  • Black Noir has powers like super strength, enhanced durability, and exceptional combat skills.
  • However, he also has a deathly nut allergy that can potentially kill him.
  • In the comics, Black Noir was a clone of Homelander created to kill him if Homelander ever gets out of control.

One of the most admirable characters in The Boys was Black Noir. He was quite impressive since he was shown in the TV series, his powers were rather weak compared to other supes, except The Deep. We first got to meet Black Noir in Season 1 of The Boys where the mystery behind his all-black suit and his silence caught everyone’s attention. However, season one did not have much to do with Black Noir but the next seasons gave us much more insight about him. Let’s talk about the powers and abilities of Black Noir and how they are different from what we see in the comics.

What Are Black Noir’s Powers Exactly?

The Boys: Black Noir Powers and Weaknesses
Image Courtesy: The Boys Wiki

A lot of us have had this confusion for quite some time. Most of us thought that Black Noir was just a very well-trained combatant, basically a parody of Batman. However as the series unfolded, we came to know that it’s not true. Along with being a lethal combatant, Black Noir has some other powers like super strength, enhanced durability, healing factor, and stealth. However, the thing to note here is that his powers in the series were significantly nerfed compared to the comics. this is why Homelander was able to punch Noir through his chest instantly killing him. In the comics, Black Noir has a totally different arc and origin.

Black Noir’s Powers: Comics vs TV Show

If you go through the comic version of The Boys, you’ll find out there is more than what it seems to the character of Black Noir. In the grand finale of The Boys comic series, it’s revealed that Black Noir is a clone of Homelander created as a failsafe against the most powerful supe. Black Noir had every power Homelander has since he was designed as an alpha version of Homelander to kill him just in case he loses control.

By the end of the comic, Black Noir kills Homelander and walks out with his severed arm. He himself is heavily injured with his guts hanging out. William Butcher, with the military, completely bombards Black Noir with all they have got and once he is weak enough, Butcher walks to him with his crowbar and pops his brains out killing Black Noir as well. Very gory, I know.

Does Black Noir Have Any Weaknesses?

The Boys: Black Noir Powers and Weaknesses
Image Courtesy: The Boys Wiki

Talking about weaknesses, In the comics, Black Noir does not have any weaknesses as such however, in the live-action version Black Noir has a rather weird weakness. Black Noir is deathly allergic to nuts in The Boys series. Queen Maeve utilizes this weakness to save Starlight when Black Noir tries to stop her from escaping. Queen Maeve shoves a bar of Almond Joy in Black Noir’s mouth causing him to collapse instantly. Other than this Black Noir is not shown to have any other weakness.

As of now, Homelander has killed Black Noir in The Boys Season 3. But in The Boys Season 4 trailer, we see him. In a recent conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Eric Kripke revealed that Black Noir will be back in season 4 but it will not be the same character but an unrevealed new character. He stated-

“It’s definitely not the last we’ve seen of Black Noir as a hero. It’s just that the guy who was inside (the Noir Costume) in season 3, he’s gone. But we have Nathan playing a really interesting and hilarious character who wears the suit next season.”- Eric Kripke

So, with that, it is confirmed that Black Noir will be back in Season 4 with a new person inside the suit and to find out who it is going to be, we’ll have to wait till June 13, 2024, when The Boys Season 4 arrives. Till then, stay tuned with us for further updates!

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