How to Dye Wolf Armor in Minecraft

In Short
  • To dye wolf armor, you need wolf armor, color dye(s), and a crafting table on Java or a cauldron on Minecraft Bedrock.
  • On Java, combine dyes with wolf armor in a crafting grid. On Bedrock, dye the water in a cauldron and then use wolf armor on it.
  • If you're not happy with your creation, use colored wolf armor on a cauldron with regular water to remove the dyes.

Wolf armor is one of the most overpowered features in Minecraft 1.21. It not only turns your tamed wolf into an unstoppable beast (yes, literally) but lets you dye it different colors. However, you can dye not only in the 16 different colors the game provides but in like nearly 5 million different colors. Yes, you read that right, 5,000,000! Today, we’ll teach you how to dye wolf armor in both Java and Bedrock Minecraft editions.

Items You Need to Dye Wolf Armor

Well, if it isn’t obvious, to dye wolf armor, you will need wolf armor and a dye, or a few different dyes.

To make wolf armor, you’ll need to collect 6 armadillo scutes and place them in the crafting table’s grid in an H shape that has one upper corner missing. When it comes to dye colors, you may acquire color dyes in various ways, from breaking down flowers in the crafting grid and smelting sea pickles and cactus to trading with the wandering trader.

Apart from those, you’ll also need a crafting table in Java edition. On Bedrock edition, you are going to need to find or make a cauldron, which requires 7 iron ingots.

Dye Wolf Armor on Java Edition

When you get a wolf armor, dye(s) and a crafting table, let’s dye some wolf armor in Minecraft.

  • Place the crafting table in your world and open its interface by right-clicking.
  • Place the wolf armor in any slot you want and add a dye in any slot as well.
  • When you hover over the result slot on the right, you’ll see that the color value is displayed as a hex code. This is the exact color that will be applied to the wolf armor.
Player adding one color to wolf armor inside the crafting grid in Minecraft
  • However, you can add a new color in any slot of the grid. The resulting wolf armor’s color will change to display the hex code of a new color that was made by combining the two dyes.
Player adding one more color to the wolf armor in the crafting grid

Now, you probably see the potential of dying wolf armor. You can add more colors to the grid until it’s filled completely to get a brand-new color. Not only that, but you can use the same color just in different slots, and it will be applied as well.

White dye and two purple dyes combined with wolf armor in the crafting grid

You can add only one color dye and have the wolf armor simply be one of the game’s main 16 colors, or you can mix as many colors as you want until you create the one that you love.

But once again, that’s not the only way to dye wolf armor in the Java edition. You can apply dyes on a wolf armor and then go ahead and place it in the crafting grid again. Then, add even more dyes to the mix and all the previously applied colors will still affect the final result.

To achieve some colors, you have to apply one batch of them and then the other batch to the already colored wolf armor.

Colored wolf armor combined with a dye can still change its color

The opportunities are absolutely limitless at this point. Well, maybe not limitless, but it’s difficult to find and use all 5 million colors.

Dye Wolf Armor on Bedrock Edition

Dying wolf armor on the Bedrock edition is a lot different than the Java edition. In fact, it’s more unique and cool in Bedrock, but it does require additional steps. So, check out these steps to dye wolf armor in Minecraft Bedrock.

  • First things first, place the cauldron in your world and add water to it.
  • Then, use any dye you want on the cauldron and the water will change its color.
  • You can now use wolf armor on this cauldron to turn its color into one of the 16 main colors. Moreover, this will use up one-sixth of the colored water capacity.
Player dying wolf armor in a cauldron

But, you can also get a lot more than just 16 colors, similar to the Java edition. The way you do this is by modifying the cauldron’s water itself by adding and mixing more colors. So, use multiple dyes on the cauldron’s water to add them all together. You can then use the wolf armor on the cauldron to apply a new exciting color.

Cauldrons with base colors on the edges and the combined colors in the center

It’s not possible to apply a color to wolf armor and then mix it with another color from a cauldron to create a new color. If you use colored wolf armor on a cauldron with colored water, the wolf armor will have the color of the cauldron’s water. So, the point is you create a color of the water first and then when it’s complete, you can use wolf armor to apply it.

Player dying wolf armor in multiple different cauldrons in Minecraft

The mechanic of mixing colors is the same on the two editions, and only the way you go about using the dye is a bit different. Moreover, the biggest difference between dying wolf armor on Java and on Bedrock is that once you create a color on Bedrock, you can simply reuse it multiple times. Whereas on Java, all dyes are used up immediately, so you cannot reuse them.

How to Easily Find the Perfect Color?

Now it’s time to get creative and find the colors you want your dogs to wear. But how do you find the right one quickly? Well, you can go through trial and error process and mix various colors together until you find the one. However, as you can assume, this will cost resources and may not even yield a good color in the end.

So, what you can use to find the color you like fast is this little tool you can find online. It’s a website that lets you pick a color you want, and it’ll provide you with a list of dyes you should use to make it in-game. Isn’t that awesome?

Unfortunately, it only works for the Java edition. This just means folks over on the Bedrock edition can get even more creative to find the color they love. For now, though, let’s go over this online tool in brief:

  • Follow this link to visit the tool’s website.
  • You can leave the version as is. Below it, you can choose the color you want to make, either by inserting its hex code or by physically finding it with the help of a color wheel (or rectangle) on the right.
Online tool where player chose a color and a color wheel or rectangle is displayed
  • Click on the “Get recipe” button below and the tool will display the step(s) you should follow to get this color in-game. If there is only one step, it means you get this color by combining the non-colored wolf armor with dyes. The tool will also show the number of dyes needed. If there are two or more dyes of the same type in one step, that means you should use them in separate slots of the grid.
Player recreating a color with one step in Minecraft, which they found using an online tool
  • However, if there are two or more steps, then you should first combine the non-colored wolf armor with the dyes from step one and then apply them.
  • After that, put the colored wolf armor in the crafting grid again and combine it with the colors from the second step. You should repeat this for as many steps, as shown below.
Player recreating a color in Minecraft they found using an online tool
  • Sadly, not every single color in the world is possible in Minecraft. So that’s why you will likely find that a certain color is uncraftable. This means you cannot get that exact color in the game.
Player chooses a color that cannot be made inside Minecraft
  • But, what you can do is click on the “Check for closest match” dropdown. You may choose one of the two options, and this cool tool will display the closest color that’s possible to make in the game. Most of the time, these colors are just so similar that you won’t see a huge difference.
Tool allowing you to choose the closest color match for the uncraftable color

How to Remove Colors from Wolf Armor

Let’s say you made an oopsie, and you want to scrap the color altogether from wolf armor. How do you do that? Well, this step is the same in both Bedrock and Java. You should take the colored wolf armor and use it on a cauldron with regular water. This will remove the color completely, no matter if you’ve applied them multiple times. Also, one part of the water will vanish, so when the cauldron is emptied, you need to refill it.

Removing colors from wolf armor

That’s how you dye wolf armor in Minecraft, ladies and gentlemen. This coloring mechanic is not new by the way, it already exists for dying leather armor. But it truly is incredible that it allows so much freedom, creativity, and customization. With that said, do you prefer dark or light colors on your doggy friends? Share with us in the comments below!

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