Microsoft’s Latest App Helps You with Your Math Homework

microsoft math

Microsoft has come up with an app that would help solve your math problems. Named Microsoft Math, the app packs a whole lot of features to enhance your math learning experience.

With Microsoft Math, you can simply type or draw a problem to get the solution. The app even lets you scan printed and handwritten equations to get the answer, similar to Photomath.

You can throw elementary, pre-algebra, algebra, word problems on math concepts, trigonometry, number theory, probability, volume, surface area, basic calculus, and statistics problems to the app and it will provide you solutions with step-by-step instructions.

For problems involving equations, the app instantly graphs them so that you can get a better-visualized idea. What’s more, Microsoft Math offers additional learning materials in the form of tutorial videos for further in-depth reference. Cool, isn’t it?

The Redmond giant’s app supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, among others. This way, you get to use the app in your native language.

In case you would like to request Microsoft to add support to one of the problems the app doesn’t support yet or you’re interested to provide feedback that would make the app better, reach out to the Microsoft team here.

In the meantime, if you’re a student interested to study even more efficiently, do not forget to check out a few of our app suggestions here. Check out the app from the link below and let us know if you found this helpful in the comments.

Download Microsoft Math (Android | iOS)

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