Theme Android’s Volume Panel with the New Ultra Volume App

Ultra volume feat.

Android is an OS which can be customised as per the users’ needs via numerous third-party apps. One of the elements that can be heavily customised in Android is the volume panel. We have featured the Volume Styles app earlier that has different volume panel styles from different platforms and now, we have found another similar app that can make your volume slider panel stand out.

The Ultra Volume app is created by a Reddit user, u/cmalex and it was recently published on the Google Play Store. The app provides many customisation features for the volume panel including additional controls, swipe gesture integration and gradient colours for the sliders.

Now, the Ultra Volume app allows the user to get custom skins for the volume panel. The list includes the volume panels of the stock Android 10, RealmeUI, MIUI, OxygenOS, EMUI and the Android 8 horizontal panel. The iOS 13 and the OneUI skins are included with the in-app purchase package.

Ultra volume A

Apart from these skins, the app also allows you to add cool gradient finishes to the sliders of the volume panel. This gives the volume panel a unique look making it a standout feature of the app. Apart from this, the app also gives the option to change the position and the height of the volume panel.

Ultra volume B

The app also provides better accessibility options for the volume panel. For instance, users can add the volume panel at the status bar of the device for better viewing and also enable the swipe from the edge gesture to access the volume panel with one slide of a finger.

Ultra volume C

Now the app comes at a size of a mere 1.9MB and offers an in-app purchase of Rs 150 (~$2) to unlock all the features and skins. So, if you want to change your mundane volume panel to make it look cooler, get the app now from the Google Play Store.

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