Marvel’s What If Season 2 Release Date Announced

It has been quite some time since the first season of Marvel’s critically acclaimed animated series What If? came out. Fans initially thought that it was a one-and-done show, but the news of its second season made fans go haywire. And finally, the trailer as well as the release date for What If? Season 2 is here.

The trailer of What If? season 2 was released yesterday, and it sure does look promising. We see certain familiar characters and certain not-so-familiar characters in this trailer with some mind-blowing possibilities for the MCU in the future.

In the very beginning of the trailer, we see that instead of Scott Lang, Hank Pym is Ant-Man, and instead of T’Challa, King T’Chaka is Black Panther. This could be pointing towards a team of Avengers with the predecessors of our current heroes, and they are out hunting for a kid with supernatural powers who seems to be Star-Lord or Peter Quill as a child who had discovered his God-like powers a little too soon.

In another frame, we get to see the very popular Thor Ragnarok villain, Hela. Also, the trailer shows Xu Wenwu, the father of Shang-Chi, and his 10 power rings, a frame of what possibly seems to be Odin, and a lot of other details. Exciting, isn’t it? But that’s not all, as there is an interesting twist to the release.

What If Season 2 Promises One New Episode Everyday

By the end of the trailer, it is revealed that What If Season 2 will have an official release date of 22 December 2023. Not only that but instead of following the regular fashion of one episode per week, What if? Season 2 will see the release of one episode per day, meaning fans will be able to enjoy the series for nine consecutive days.

This is a huge change since it has been a long time since any web series has followed this format. Netflix usually releases all episodes of its latest series in one go. So, what’s left to see is if this plays out in Marvel’s favor or not. Now since almost everything is revealed about What If Season 2, let us wait for 22 December 2023 and prepare to have our minds boggled like the last time.

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