5 Characters Henry Cavill Can Play in the MCU

In Short
  • News of Henry Cavill joining the MCU surfaced recently, and every Marvel is now wondering what character he will play.
  • It is not yet revealed officially which role Henry Cavill will play in the MCU.
  • He is speculated to play Doctor Doom in Secret Wars, but there is also a probability of him appearing as Sentry in the MCU.

In a recent groundbreaking update, we got to know that Zack Snyder’s Superman, or Henry Cavill has reportedly joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in an undisclosed role. This is huge news considering the impact Henry Cavill’s fandom can bring with him to Marvel Studios.

As of now, Marvel is relying completely on Deadpool 3 to bring it back to its former glory. Beyond Deadpool 3, Marvel also seems to be building up a solid power move to retain that place once again. So, do you have any guesses on which role Cavill can fit into? I certainly do, so I have a list of the top 5 characters Henry Cavill can play in the MCU!

1. Doctor Doom

Henry Cavill in the MCU as Doctor Doom
Image Courtesy: Marvel Database

One of the major characters speculated to be played by Henry Cavill in Marvel movies was Doctor Doom. Some time back rumors of him being eyed for the role in the upcoming movie Avengers: Secret Wars came up.

When the news of Henry Cavill joining the MCU came out, people speculated it to be in the role of Doctor Doom. However, in a tweet by MyTimeToShineHello, they claimed that he was never offered the role of Doctor Doom but something else, which he has accepted.

However, since there is no official statement from anyone at this point about what role Cavill will play in the MCU, we can still hope to see him as Doctor Doom in the cinematic universe.

2. Captain Britain

Henru Cavill in the MCU as Captain Britain
Image Courtesy: Marvel.com

Another role in Marvel for which people are eyeing Cavill is that of Captain Britain. However, this character is slightly different from that of Captain America. Captain Britain gained his powers by the mystical Amulet of Right he wears around his neck.

The amulet gives him certain superpowers such as flight, superhuman strength, durability, and enhanced senses. Sounds familiar? Henry Cavill would be a perfect fit for the role because of his impeccable British accent and muscular build. Moreover, currently, Marvel does not really have a character to fill the shoes of a leader in the absence of Captain America, which Henry Cavill can do in this role.

3. Sentry

Henru Cavill in Marvel as Sentry
Image Courtesy: Marvel Database

Playing one of the characters where prior experience can help Henry Cavill in Marvel is Sentry. We are all used to seeing Cavill donning a cape, and to be honest, he is quite good with it as well. Sentry is a character who has a rather complex dynamic to it, much like Henry Cavill’s previous role as Superman.

Robert Reynolds was a drug addict who once broke into a facility trying to create a much stronger version of the Super Soldier serum. He made his way to the laboratory and consumed the Golden Sentry Serum giving him the power of a million exploding suns, thus, the origin of Sentry.

Earlier, Steven Yeun was cast to play Sentry in the upcoming Marvel movie, Thunderbolts, but he dropped out of that role recently. Henry Cavill being rumored to be cast in the MCU after this could be a sign of him being passed on the mantle of Sentry. So, let’s wait and watch what happens.

4. Hyperion

Henry Cavill in Marvel as Hyperion
Image Courtesy: Marvel & DC Wiki

If Marvel has decided to get Henry Cavill in the MCU based on his performance as Superman, then as far as I think, Hyperion is the one character who would be perfect for him. As Marvel’s answer for Superman, Hyperion made his comic debut in the year 1969. Hyperion is a humanoid alien who was sent to Earth as a baby. The United States Government raised him in a secret base.

The baby named Marcus Milton was raised by a government agent only referred to as “Father” in the comics. He was responsible for teaching him the morals of society, the difference between right and wrong, and keeping a check on him as his powers started to develop. Eventually, Marcus Milton took up the identity of Hyperion and became a defender of Earth. Sounds familiar right?

5. Vulcan

Henry Cavill in Marvel as Vulcan
Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

In the broader X-Men saga, Vulcan is considered to be one of the greatest heroes ever. Henry Cavill would fit well in this role because of his range of acting. Cavill has shown himself capable of playing characters who are noble but also have a hint of darkness to them just like Vulcan.

If we talk about his origin, Vulcan is the son of Christopher Summers and Katherine Summers, the parents of Cyclops and Havok. When Katherine was pregnant with him, she was abducted by D’Ken, Majestor of the Shi’ar Imperium.

Vulcan was born into slavery on a planet called Shi’ar and was artificially made to grow into an adolescent boy. After a series of events, he found his way back to Earth and as his mutant abilities manifested, Dr. Moira MacTaggert took him under her wing and he was eventually recruited by the one and only Professor X.

Considering the revival of X-Men in the MCU, with certain characters appearing in Deadpool 3, we can expect to see more characters from the X-Men universe. I won’t mind seeing Henry Cavill as a mutant in future MCU. Who knows, we just might get to see him appear in Avengers: Secret Wars. but till then, let’s wait and see what Marvel has planned to throw at us.

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