New Deadpool 3 Set Photos Reveal an Unknown Deadpool Variant

New Deadpool 3 Set Photos Reveal a New Deadpool Variant
In Short
  • New Deadpool 3 set photos have been revealed by Daily Mail UK.
  • In these photos, Ryan Reynolds is seen sporting a fancier costume with a brunette bun, hinting that he's playing a variant of Deadpool.
  • It is not yet confirmed which variant of Deadpool is this going to be.

In a brand new segment of Deadpool 3 set photos, a really interesting detail about the upcoming movie has been revealed. The new set of photos from Deadpool 3 shows us Ryan Reynolds sporting long brunette hair with a high knot, indicating one of the variants of Deadpool.

According to an exclusive report from Daily Mail UK, Ryan Reynolds along with Hugh Jackman and other members of the Deadpool 3 cast were spotted in Southern England during the filming of Deadpool 3. Hugh Jackman could be seen standing with a Deadpool stunt double holding Dogpool in his hands meanwhile in a conversation with Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan is seen sporting a much different Deadpool costume with much fancier Katanas, golden pistols, and an armored suit in these new Deadpool 3 set photos. These images seem to be from a shot being filmed for the movie but we can’t say for sure if it was a shot or if the three of them were just having a conversation.

As of now, we’re not sure which variant of Deadpool Ryan is portraying with this new look. However, it seems Wolverine and Deadpool are going to cross paths with him while going through all of their multiversal shenanigans. Deadpool 3 is set to release on July 26, 2024, and till then, we will keep you up to date with anything new that comes up regarding this movie. So guys, stay tuned!

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