Julia Garner Set to Play Female Silver Surfer in MCU’s Fantastic Four

Silver Surfer Cast Confirmed For Marvel's Fantastic Four!
In Short
  • In a recent update, it was confirmed that Julia Garner is cast as the Silver Surfer in the upcoming Fantastic Four Movie.
  • Julia Garner will play the Shalla-Bal version of Silver Surfer in the movie.
  • Fantastic Four is set to release on July 25, 2025.

After a significant amount of time, Marvel is bringing back one of the most popular superhero teams in Marvel, The Fantastic Four with Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman), Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm (The Human Torch), and  Ebon Moss- Bachrach as Ben Grimm (The Thing). It was already revealed that Galactus is going to be the main villain of Fantastic Four and now, we finally have the official confirmation for who has been cast as the Silver Surfer and there’s a huge surprise!

In the latest report, it was revealed that Julia Garner has been cast as Silver Surfer in Marvel’s Fantastic Four. Now, you must be wondering, “But isn’t Silver Surfer a guy?” yes he is, but that version of him is Norrin Radd and Julia Garner is going to play Shalla-Bal the first love of Silver Surfer, whom Norrin Radd gave a portion of his power making her a female version of the Silver Surfer.

As of now, we don’t have many plot details about the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, but for now, all we know is that Pedro Pascal’s Reed Richards is not going to be a young version of the character but an older and experienced version, Galactus is going to be the main villain in the movie, and we will get to see a previously unseen version of Silver Surfer in live action.

However, as soon as we have more details regarding Fantastic Four, we will let you folks in on it ASAP, so stay tuned with us for further updates!

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