Who is Rey In Star Wars? Explained

In Short
  • Rey made her first appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • It was speculated that she was Luke Skywalker's daughter but this theory was proved false.
  • Rey is also said to be the granddaughter of Palpatine which again is not true.

Star Wars is one of those franchises where keeping track of all the characters that are introduced can turn out to be a tedious task in itself. However, certain characters like Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, etc have left an unforgettable image on us. Among these characters is one introduced to us in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, named Rey who serves as the protagonist of the sequel trilogy. The thing that makes her intriguing is the mystery surrounding her origin. Uncovering all the mysteries, let’s find out who Rey is in the Star Wars universe.

Is Rey a Skywalker?

Is Rey A Skywalker
Image Courtesy: Disney+ (via IMDb)

The simple answer to that is no. Even though Rey takes up the name of Skywalker she is not related to one. Previously, it was speculated that Rey was the daughter of Luke Skywalker but this theory was debunked when Palpatine said that her parents were “nobodies” and abandoned her. However, this was not true since her parents died protecting Rey from being discovered by Ochi of Bestoon.

Even though, Rey is not a Skywalker, her picking up the name is symbolic of the fact that anyone with a strong enough will can become a Jedi. However, during the scripting of the movie it was briefly considered to make Obi-Wan Kenobi the father of Rey, but this idea was scrapped later on.

Who Are Rey’s Parents in Star Wars?

Who are Rey's Parents in Star Wars
Image Courtesy: Star Wars Wiki

A lot of people speculate that since Rey calls herself a Skywalker, her father had to be Luke. However, this is far from the truth. Rey is the daughter of Dathan who was a clone created as a part of Project Necromancer. His sole purpose was to create a perfect force-sensitive body for Palpatine to transfer his cautiousness into.

However, Dathan was treated miserably and looked down on the planet of Exegol because of his inability to wield the force. Eventually, he took the help of a Symeong who facilitated his escape from Exegol and named himself Dathan after the same Symeong.

After leaving Exegol, Dathan served in different ship crews until eventually, he came to know about the requirement of engineers for Agridroids maintenance on the planet of Hyperkarn. Dathan somehow found his way into a crew even though he was not well acquainted with the Agridroids.

One day he was facing some troubles with the droid and that is when Miramir, Rey’s mother, saw him and helped him out. Eventually, they fell in love and even though they loved their lives on Hyperkarn, there was a safety concern for them because of Dathan’s past forcing them to relocate to the planet of Jakku.

Is Rey Actually Palpatine’s Granddaughter?

Is Rey Actually Palpatine's Granddaughter
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Now, we all know that Palpatine claimed to be Rey’s grandfather so that she may join the Dark Side with him. However, in truth, Palpatine is not Rey’s grandfather. Dathan was a clone created under Project Necromancer and not Palpatine’s son, neither was he treated like one by Palpatine. Dathan never looked up to Palpatine as a father figure, instead, he resented him from the depths of his heart.

Palpatine claiming to be Rey’s grandfather was mostly because of Rey’s extraordinary connection to The Force and wanted her to be on the Dark Side. Of course, he shares DNA with her since Dathan was a clone made using his DNA, but he is not her grandfather. Palpatine used this terminology to manipulate her but Rey’s will to be a Jedi and to honor her parents made all his efforts fruitless.

Who is Rey to Anakin?

Rey is in no way or form related biologically to Anakin.

What are Rey’s Powers?

Rey has the power of Force Lightning but has no control over it.

Is Rey related to Luke Skywalker?

Rey is not related to Luke Skywalker in any way.

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