When Does The Mandalorian Take Place in Star Wars Timeline?

In Short
  • Years in Star Wars are calculated in ABY (After the Battle of Yavin) or BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin).
  • Battle of Yavin refers to the events of the first Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The New Hope.
  • The Mandalorian takes place in 9 ABY.

If we talk about cinematic timelines, one of the most elaborate and complex timelines is offered to us in the tale of Star Wars. Star Wars: The New Hope, released in 1977 kick-started the franchise and the events of this movie became the spawn point movies, shows, and animated content for a legacy that is still going strong after almost 50 Years. One of the shows that sprouted from Star Wars was The Mandalorian featuring Pedro Pascal as the intergalactic bounty hunter. Now the question is when does The Mandalorian take place in such a vast Star Wars timeline? To understand where The Mandalorian is placed in the timeline, you’ll first have to know how years are calculated in the Star Wars.

How Are Years Calculated in the Star Wars Universe?

When Does The Mandalorian Take Place in Star Wars Timeline?
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Now that we know that the Star Wars universe sprouted from Star Wars: The New Hope, the creators use the events that took place in The New Hope as a focal point to measure the years that go by in the Star Wars Universe.

In Star Wars: The New Hope we got to see the Rebel Forces take out the first Death Star after an epic battle. This war was called the Battle of Yavin and years in the Star Wars universe are counted in either BBY or ABY which stands for “Before Battle of Yavin” and ‘After Battle of Yavin” respectively. So, if we say that XYZ event happened in 6 BBY it means that the given event took place 6 years before the Battle of Yavin, and if we say that an event took place in 8 ABY it means that it took place 8 Years after the Battle of Yavin.

When Does The Mandalorian Take Place?

When Does The Mandalorian Take Place in Star Wars Timeline?
Image Courtesy: IMDb

So, now that we know about how to measure years in Star Wars units, let’s take a look at when the event of The Mandalorian took place. So, the Mandalorian is set after 5 years of the events that take place in Star Wars: Return of The Jedi set in 4 ABY.

Going by that, it is pretty clear that the first season of The Mandalorian takes place in 9 ABY which means that the events of The Mandalorian took place nine years after The Battle of Yavin.

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