Lian Li Launches PC Case Fan with an LCD Display!

new lian li pc case fans with integrated lcd screen
Image Credits: Lian Li
In Short
  • Lian Li has launched its brand-new UNI FAN TL LCD. This is a PC Case fan with an integrated screen.
  • The screen has a 1.6-inch size and 400x400 resolution. It is completely customizable.
  • Pricing starts from $46.99 for a single-fan pack.

Lian Li has launched its brand-new UNI FAN TL LCD. If you were waiting to add new fans for your PC Case, this is the best pick. Sure, it will cost you a lot. But take a look at how absolutely dope the new UNI Fans by Lian Li look, thanks to the addition of an LCD Display!

These LCD fans have a size of 1.6 inches and a resolution of 400×400. It can display whatever you want on it. Here is an example showing the CPU load (%), temperature, and the system’s fan RPM being shown on the UNI FAN TL LCD’s integrated screen.

lian li uni fan tl lcd showing cpu load, cpu temperature and system fan rpm on the integrated screen
Image Courtesy: Lian Li

You can have other system stats displayed on the UNI Fan TL LCD, too. This includes your graphics card’s temperature and load percentage. If you want to put custom designs on the UNI Fan TL LCD’s integrated screen, it supports ‘.GIF’ &. ‘MP4’ files for animated stuff. For static images, it supports ‘JPG’ & ‘PNG’ extensions.

lian li uni fan tl lcd
Image Courtesy: Lian Li

Lian Li UNI FAN TL LCD will be available in two colors – black & white. It will also be available in 120mm & 140mm sizing options. Based on what your PC case supports, you can easily add Lian Li’s dope-looking PC fan with an LCD screen to match the colors and sizing with a compatible variant. According to the company, Lian Li UNI FAN TL LCD will also be available in regular & reverse airflow designs.

Lian Li UNI FAN TL LCD Desktop PC Case: Price & Availability

The new Lian Li UNI FAN TL LCD desktop PC case fans have launched today. The price starts from $46.99 for a single fan. You can also get a three-fan pack for $149.99. You can buy the Lian LI UNI FAN TL LCD from Newegg.

It will be interesting to see if Lian Li will offer these fans an upcoming premium all-in-one liquid cooler. The Lian Li brand sells PC Cases, PC fans, CPU coolers, and various other accessories. We use their Galahad 360 AIO in our i9-14900K review, and it has been quite reliable over the years! Upgrading the AIO with the new Lian Li UNI FAN TL LCD is definitely an appealing upgrade.

What are your thoughts on Lian Li’s UNI FAN with integrated LCD display? Let us know in the comments below.

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