How to Get Gold Keys in Palworld

In Short
  • Gold Keys help you open rare treasure chests in Palworld that give you Hyper or Ultra Spheres.
  • You can defeat Black Marketeers to get guaranteed Gold Keys easily.
  • Additionally, defeat Leezpunk or bigger Syndicate or PIDF enemies to get some Gold Keys.

No adventure game is complete without the appeal of untold riches in the form of locked chests. Palworld understands this and has scattered a variety of rare chests that give you valuable rewards, like Hyper or Ultra Pal Spheres. Although common chests open in-game without breaking a sweat, you will need specific Gold keys to open the higher-rarity chests. And sadly, these keys aren’t easy to find. Well, we had the same difficulty, so we decided to scour the game and find out how to quickly get gold keys in Palworld. So if you’re having trouble with it, keep reading for the various methods below.

Find and Defeat Black Marketeers

There are a select few ways one can get gold keys in Palworld. However, the most reliable way to get one is by finding and defeating the Black Marketeers in the game. There are a total of 13 spawn points for these handy NPCs. Once located, you can fight and defeat any of them to quickly get a gold key in Palworld.

However, do note that the Black Marketeers are usually level 40 and higher and assisted by a powerful Pal. As such, fighting them won’t be a walk in the park. Once you’re near their level, you can use shotguns to defeat them easily. However, lower levels also have a chance.

Black Marketeer on the Astral Mountain Cliff

The easiest way to defeat a Black Marketeer before hitting a high level is by catching a Pal with a knock ability. We recommend Mossanda Lux in this case. Now, head over to (-38, 217) coordinates and find the Black Marketeer on the cliff of Astral Mountains. You can now mount your Mossanda Lux and knock the Marketeer off the cliff for an instant kill.

Mossanda Lux knocking Black Marketer off the cliff

Once it falls to its death, find the body and collect the Gold Keys. Now, go away and return to the same place after a couple of seconds for the Black Marketeer to respawn. Repeat this to farm an infinite amount of Gold Keys in Palworld. It will also farm you tons of Gold Coins every time.

Additional Ways to Get Gold Keys in Palworld

Even though you are farming the gold keys easily, you might want to check out the alternative ways. These methods are not as guaranteed as the previous one but can help until you get a Mossanda Lux.

  • One of the common ways to get keys in Palworld is from the treasure chests themselves. So, if you open a Silver chest, you might end up getting some Gold Keys here and there.
  • If Leezpunk and Leezpunk Ignis are raiding your village, or you find them near the Volcanic Islands, defeating them can give you a chance for some keys. If you are lucky, you might end up with some gold ones.
  • Another way to get Gold Keys is by defeating bigger Syndicate or PIDF enemies. As they do not guarantee a Gold Key upon death, you might have to clear hordes of them. You can easily find them in bunches near the Windswept Hills or Desserts of the Dunes.

And, that is how you can easily get Gold Keys in Palworld. Know some other ways? Let us know in the comments below.

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