How to Install Minecraft Mods

Minecraft is a sandbox multiplayer game that is really popular among gamers from around the world because it lets you go above and beyond your imagination and be as much creative as you possibly can. In this game you build anything you want with blocks. You can create cities, castles, countries, kingdoms, etc. Everything is possible in the world of Minecraft. However, some gamers were not content with the unlimited amount of stuff available in the world of Minecraft so they went ahead and created different mods to augment the world of Minecraft even further and add extra features to the overall gameplay. There are countless different mods out there for Minecraft, but almost all of them can be installed easily depending on the version of your Minecraft game.

There is not one simple way of installing a mod for Minecraft because there are different Minecraft mods so there are many different ways of installation for each different mod. However, you can still install many different mods by using simple installation methods that we have mentioned below.

Note: Before you go any further and install any mods on your Minecraft game, just make sure to back up any worlds that you have already saved on your game. If anything should ever go wrong with your installation then you will still have a working backup of your entire game saved on your hard disk.

Method 1: The Easier way to Install Mods

The first method involves using the Minecraft Forge software. This is a simple mod for Minecraft, however, instead of modifying the game entirely this one lets you install different mods for Minecraft easily by using the Forge software. You will need some Forge compatible mods to install for your game. Follow the method below to install Minecraft Forge on your computer.


  1. Head over to the Official Minecraft Forge Website.
  2. Download the specific version for your specific version of Minecraft.
  3. Get the recommended version of Minecraft Forge to be on the safe side.
  4. Now, find the downloaded file and install the client on your computer.

To check if Minecraft Forge has been successfully installed, Launch Minecraft and look in the drop-down profiles menu. You should now have a new “Forge” profile in the list which means that Forge has been successfully installed on your computer and detected by your Minecraft game.

minecraft folder

Now, in order to install mods on your Minecraft game by using forge, you need to download some mods that are compatible with the Forge software. You can find mods on Google, make sure that you read the official developer website of the mod to find out if the mod is compatible with Forge or not. Once you download the mod, find the downloaded zip file of the mode and Copy/Paste it in Mods folder that is available inside the /minecraft folder created by Forge software.


Launch Minecraft and you will find the installed mods under the Mods menu section. You can select your preferred mod and start playing your favorite game with the best mods installed.

Method 2: The Harder Way to Install Mods

This is more of a direct approach to installing mods for Minecraft that’s why it’s a little bit complex than the previous method. There’s always a chance of damaging your saved worlds when using the direct method so it’s always better to backup all your files before performing any mod related function on your game.

minecraft folder

1. First of all, locate the Minecraft folder where all the important files are stored. You can find it at C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft, Once you have located this folder make sure that you can find an archive file named minecraft.jar. This is the file that needs to be modified in order to run your mods.


2. Now download the mod that you want to install in Minecraft. Also, make sure to have an archive utility installed on your computer (7zip or WinZip or recommended). You will need an archive utility to unzip the minecraft.jar archive file.

3. Unarchive the minecraft.jar archive and extract all the files. Now install the mod. The installation instructions vary by each mod but mostly it involves unarchiving the mod archive and moving all the content into the minecraft.jar file.


4. Before you can go launch Minecraft and enjoy your mods. You have to get rid of the META-INF folder. This folder is also located in the same directory as Minecraft. Just delete it. You have to delete it because it keeps Minecraft from running any mods. So if you want to run any mods on Minecraft then you will have to remove this folder for good.


5. Launch Minecraft. If you followed each step carefully then Minecraft should start and the mod automatically starts running along with Minecraft. You can now enjoy your modded Minecraft game.

Where to find Minecraft mods?

There are countless different mods available for Minecraft. So always make sure to find the compatible mod for your running version of Minecraft. There are some mods developed by unknown developers so you should always stay away from such mod because these can damage your entire game and saved files. Always download mods from trusted developers. You can find many different mods on the official Minecraft forums. Another great place to find Minecraft mods is the top list at Minemum. Planet Minecraft has some of the latest news regarding Minecraft and it also offers a lot of amazing mods for the game as well. Always make sure to read the entire Mod documentation before downloading the mods, this can save you from any trouble later when playing the game.

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You can use any of the above-mentioned methods to install Minecraft mods on your computer. If you have any other better way of installing Minecraft mods then feel free to post them in the comment section below.

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