How to Remove Enchantments in Minecraft

Enchantments in Minecraft are always fun to explore. But that doesn’t mean all of them are desirable. You can find several enchanted items in this sandbox game but with negative enchantments on them. Or, you might end up putting the wrong enchantment while learning to use an enchanting table in Minecraft. Irrespective of the way you end up with an undesirable enchantment, removing it is really easy. To learn how to remove enchantments in Minecraft, we will need to craft a grindstone. It’s the only tool you can use to remove enchantments in both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. Alternatively, you can also install Forge in Minecraft to find unique and easy mod-based solutions for the same. But most players don’t need to take that complex route. So, without further ado, let me teach you how to remove enchantments in Minecraft from tools and weapons.

Which Tool is Used to Remove Enchantments in Minecraft?

As mentioned earlier, the only tool you can use to remove enchantments in Minecraft is a grindstone. In traditional Minecraft worlds and in the real world too, a grindstone is used to polish and upgrade weapons and tools. However, Minecraft allows you to use it to grind away any enchantments on your tools too. It works on any type of enchantment equipment from swords to a carrot on a stick. Many players use this to collect XP (experience points) but more on that later. First, let’s figure out how to get a grindstone in the game.

How to Obtain Grindstone in Minecraft

Naturally, grindstones are only generated next to weaponsmiths’ houses in villages or inside the weaponsmith shelters. If you get that lucky, you can directly skip to learning how to remove enchantments in Minecraft. Such villages are not easy to come across, but you can use our best Minecraft village seeds to improve your chances. However, you can also craft grindstone in the game using the following items:

  • 2 Sticks
  • 2 Planks (any wood)
  • Stone Slab
  • Crafting Table

We already have a guide in place to make a Crafting Table in Minecraft. It will also help you discover how to make wooden planks in the game. Placing these wooden planks vertically next to each other in the crafting area results in creating wooden sticks in the game.

Crafting Sticks in Minecraft

How to Make Stone Slab

The final and main ingredient you need to make a grindstone is a stone slab. Fortunately, Minecraft offers two unique ways to obtain stone slabs. However, for either of them, we need to get stones in the game. Stone can be created by heating cobblestone inside a furnace in Minecraft. And since cobblestone is one of the most abundant blocks in this sandbox game, it shouldn’t take long for you to collect and get started with making stones.

cobblestone in furnace to make stone

Once you have a stone in the game, you can find a village with a stonecutter in it. Stonecutters are usually easier to find than grindstones. Or, you can place 3 stones in the bottom row of the crafting table to easily craft stone slabs. This method will get you 6 stone slabs, even though we only need 2 to remove enchantments in Minecraft.

Crafting Recipe of stone slab

Crafting Recipe of Grindstone in Minecraft

Once you have collected all the items, you need to combine them to make a grindstone. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. You first need to place a wooden stick on either side of the first row of the crafting area.

2. Then, place a wooden plank below each stick in the second row. Finally, place the stone slab in the middle cell of the first row (between the wooden sticks). This crafting recipe will give you a grindstone in Minecraft.

Crafting Recipe Grindstone to Remove Enchantments in Minecraft

How to Remove Enchantments in Minecraft Using Grindstone

To remove any enchantment from your tools or weapons, you just need to place them in the grindstone. There are two columns in the grindstone (see screenshot below), and you can use any of them. Just make sure that the other column is empty or has the same item in it. This process doesn’t cost anything in terms of experience, fuel, or time.

Using Grindstone to Remove Enchantments in Minecraft

Using grindstone to remove enchantments also leads to experience points. Their quantity depends upon the level of enchantment alongside the quality of your tool. Keep in mind that you can remove all the in-game enchantments from your equipment except Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing. As of 2021, there is no way to remove either of these enchantments unless you use one of these best Minecraft mods.

Bonus: Uses of Grindstone in Minecraft

Other than removing the enchantments in Minecraft, you can use the grindstone to:

  • Repair weapons and tools in Minecraft
  • Combining the durability of two same types of items
  • Increasing overall maximum durability of your equipments
  • Creating weapons smiths by placing grindstone in a village
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