How to Find and Recruit Andreja in Starfield

Bethesda has always been known for making its single-player games more fun by adding people you can take along with you on the journey. Much like companions in Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield companions make the sci-fi RPG adventure even more fun with their constant help. You can even romance and marry these companions if you want to. One such companion is Andreja, a Constellation member. However, finding and recruiting Andreja requires some steps that might confuse the players. To ease that process, we have created a dedicated guide for you. So open up Starfield and follow along as we recruit Andreja as a companion.

How to Find and Recruit Andreja in Starfield

Andreja is a Constellation member that players meet after receiving a string of missions. She is part of the main storyline that has you venture into space to retrieve artifacts. Known for her brutal honesty and strong moral compass, Andreja is a companion with one of the best Starfield backgrounds. Let’s begin finding and recruiting Andreja now.

Find Andreja: Into the Unknown

As mentioned above, the player receives a series of main quests, which are aimed at meeting all the companions. One of them is “Into the Unknown.” While it can be one of the quests you do last, you naturally need to pick it up to find Andreja in Starfield. Ensure you progress with “The Empty Nest” before continuing into this one.

To recall, Sarah sends you to the Eye Star Station to meet with Vladimir Sall about finding more Artifacts. Into the Unknown has these Artifacts on Piazzi IV-C and Niira. Vladimir asks you to find out if Andreja is fine, so it automatically ties into our objective. Keep on reading to find out the exact steps on where to find her.

Where to Find Andreja in Starfield

Note: Make sure you have selected the “Into the Unknown” quest before following the steps below.

  • Begin by heading out to the Eye Station to speak to Vladimir. It’s in the “Alpha Centauri” system, so you will find it in your immediate vicinity. If you’re having trouble, learn how to fast travel in Starfield first.
  • Once there, dock to the Constellation starstation. We also have a handy guide to dock ships in Starfield, so give it a read if you have any doubts.
  • Speak to Vladimir Sall, who will give you directions on where to go to retrieve the artifacts. He will also ask you to check on Andreja, the Starfield companion you’re looking to recruit.
  • While you don’t need to select any special dialogues, I’ve marked them below. Select those to proceed further.
  • Andreja is on the planet of Niira in the Narion star system. You need to grav jump there, so learn how to grav jump in Starfield for those who don’t know.
  • Once there, make sure to land on the “Abandoned Mine” destination since it is the closest to Andreja.
  • Take a short walk towards the mine and enter the Deep Cave. Depending on your playthrough, you might encounter a few enemies.
  • As soon as you enter, you find Andreja shooting an Ecliptic mercenary. While you can’t have a full conversation with her yet, she will introduce herself. Congratulations on finding Andreja in Starfield! Keep on reading to learn how to recruit her.

Complete the Mission with Andreja

While we have found Andreja, we still have a way to go before recruiting her. From the conversation, you will have gleaned that Andreja’s mission is incomplete, and so she needs our help. The next couple of steps are mostly shootouts and traversing down. Nonetheless, follow the steps below to do so.

  • Make your way down the deep cave while trading fire with Ecliptic mercenaries. Since you will have the high ground, use any cover available.
  • The decline path is circular and will naturally lead you in the right direction. However, if you get lost, look for this narrow red corridor to proceed.
  • Keep moving through a few caves to find yourself looking down on another massive area. Our goal is to get to the bottom. Thankfully, the entire area is connected through stairways.
  • Keep making your way down through the metal stairways and trace a path, as we have describe below. This will ultimately lead you to the ground level.
  • Once there, enter a narrow cave, and you will find the artifact embedded like all the others. Use the cutter to remove it after which you will see another set of visions.
  • Andreja will finally talk with you as she thanks you for your assistance and asks you to keep her initial failure a secret. Simply agree with her words to continue.
  • She will then ask you to head to the Lodge while she finishes her work in the mine. Keep reading to find out what to do.

Retrieve the Piazzi IV-C Artifact

Depending on whether you retrieved the Piazzi artifact or not, you will need to do it before heading back. Thankfully, it’s simply a matter of landing in the system and running into a small cave to get it. Follow the steps below to do so.

  • Travel to the Star System of Piazzi to head over to IV-C. Once there, land in the “Occupied Cave” area.
  • Simply head inside the cave, walk through a few winding corridors, and take the Zeta artifact with you. Don’t worry, as you won’t find any enemies here. Now, you can fast-travel to the Lodge to finally recruit Andreja in Starfield.

Recruit Andreja at the Starfield Lodge

  • Back at the Lodge, place the collected artifacts on the center console to have them line up. You will see the mission status change.
  • The group will now break out into a small debate over the importance of Science vs. Art. Choose “Science. Without it, dreams aren’t possible” when asked to take a side. Andreja will like this answer; it is your first step towards romancing her.
  • Finally, Andreja will have a conversation with you, thanking you for all your help. Be receptive to her by choosing “And for yours. I’d be happy to keep traveling with you.”
  • Andreja will be happy that you’ve recruited her, and you can now take her on missions together.

And that is how you find and recruit Andreja. If you are willing to take things further, then stay tuned as we have a dedicated guide on how to romance Andreja in Starfield coming soon. Until then, enjoy some intergalactic missions with her!

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