How to Fast Travel in Starfield (Explained)

Starfield is a massive game with multiple solar systems and planets to explore. Because of that, exploration can get tedious for any average gamer. Fortunately, Bethesda has addressed this problem in the game, allowing players to fast-travel in various scenarios — be it a planet to planet, planet to ship, or one landmark to another on the surface of a planet. The fast travel system helps you cover long distances, allowing faster travel from point A to point B. That said, let’s learn how you can fast travel in Starfield.

You don’t fast travel like other games in Starfield. Instead of opening up a map and clicking on a landmark, you utilize your scanner in this game. Moreover, Starfield ensures that you don’t have to waste any moment while fast-traveling, so it’s time to learn how it works:

Fast Travel from Planet to Planet in Starfield

Starfield allows you to fly from one planet to another planet and then land at a section of that planet. However, the game allows you to fast travel to a planet instead of flying. Here is how it works:

  • If you want to fast travel to a planet, you first need to select your desired solar planet. For this example, we are choosing Bondar in the Alpha Centauri system.
  • To open the solar system map, press M on your keyboard while inside the spaceship.
  • Then, press Tab once to zoom out and check the particular planets in the solar system.
Select your Fast-Travel point
  • To select a planet, click on one of the planets to enter planet view.
  • Here, set a course by pressing X and confirm by holding X to travel.
  • Your ship will automatically fast-travel to that planet.
Starfield Fast Travel from planet to planet

Fast Travel from Planet to Ship in Starfield

Given how each generated tile of a planet is the size of a Fallout 4 map, traveling back to your spaceship can be a bothersome experience. Fortunately, you can fast travel back to your starship, and there are two ways to do it. Let’s see how:

  • If you’re on a planet and you want to fast-travel to your ship, open your scanner by pressing F. Point at your ship landmark and press E to fast-travel.
Starfield fast travel on a planet to your ship
  • Alternatively, you can fast-travel from your ground map. To do that, open your scanner and press G to bring up the surface map. On the surface map, press R if you wish to fast travel to your ship.
  • A pop-up will then appear, asking for your confirmation. Agree to it by pressing E, and you will fast-travel to your Starfield spaceship.
Fast Travel from your field map to ship

Fast Travel on a Planet’s Surface in Starfield

The final method of fast travel involves traveling from one landmark on the surface of a planet to another landmark. Again, Starfield has a large distance for you to travel, and not every time will you feel like walking to your destination. So, you can fast-travel between landmarks in-game by following these steps:

  • If you land in a populous settlement like New Atlantis, there will be multiple landmarks.
  • To fast-travel, press F to open your scanner and point to one of the landmarks.
  • Then, simply press E to fast-travel to that location.
Fast travel from landmark-to-landmark
  • If you are in orbit and want to fast-travel to a specific landmark on a planet, zoom into that planet by clicking on it and hover over one.
  • It will show all the discovered landmarks. Select your desired landmark by clicking on it and land by holding X.
Every discoverable landmark on New Atlantis

Are There Restrictions to Fast Travel In Starfield?

While the game respects your time and allows you to fast-travel at your free will, it sometimes also restricts you from doing it. This is done to ensure that you cannot force specific encounters in your favor and let you face the consequences of your actions. In Starfield, the game will restrict you from fast-traveling in three cases:

  • If your ship is docked on a space station or a spaceship, you cannot fast-travel. To do that, you have to undock and leave for your next adventure.
  • If you are carrying excessive items from your weight limit, the game won’t allow you to fast-travel as you are over your weight-carrying limit.
  • Finally, you cannot fast-travel on the map during combat. You have to leave the combat zone or finish a combat encounter.

While you can deal with the weight-carrying limit by unlocking skill points, the other two situations are permanent and don’t offer you any workaround. Hence, if you want to fast travel in Starfield, ensure you are not dealing with the above-mentioned situations. Moreover, you should also learn how to grav jump in Starfield to travel between planets and solar systems.

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