Ship Docking Guide: How to Dock in Starfield

Given its breadth, Starfield has numerous small features that give the game its unique feel. There are thousands of planets to visit, around one hundred habitable planets in Starfield, and numerous space stations available for exploration. One such small but important feature is ship docking at space stations or other spaceships to explore them. However, figuring out how to do that can get a little confusing for some players. So, in this article, we explain how to dock your ship in Starfield.

As mentioned above, you can dock your ship with either another starship or a space station. The process is the same for both scenarios, so we have clubbed them together for your convenience.

Dock Your Ship in Starfield: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sometimes, you might find a friendly ship or a space station cruising around in space. Your first instinct might be to check out these places, but for that, you will need to board them. Fortunately, these places are not just for show but can be visited in-game. Starfield ensures that you can board and explore different space stations and ships any time you want. Thus, Bethesda has added a ship dock mechanic. Docking in Starfield is a simple process and requires minimal input on your end. So, let’s look at how it works:

  • First, ensure that there is a ship or space station nearby in your given star system. Then, press “E” on your keyboard or press “A” on your Xbox controller to lock onto a nearby target. Press E again to cycle to other ships and space stations in your vicinity.
  • Once locked into a space station or spaceship, hold E to signal them that you want to board their ship or space station. You know, out of courtesy. If you don’t get any response, chances are that things are not okay on that space station. So, move to the next one.
Dock your ship in Starfield hail at a spacestation
  • Once you have decided to board a ship or space station, keep moving toward it. You need to be within 500 meters of the target to dock the ship or space station.
  • Now, a pop-up will appear on-screen, asking you to dock. Hold “R” on your keyboard or “X” on your controller to dock.
Hold R when prompted to dock

And there you go, you have successfully docked your ship at a space station or another spaceship in Starfield. The process is so simple that anyone can do it without any problems. You might have to work on your ship-flying skills, but at least you know how to dock.

Can You Fast Travel While Docked In Starfield?

One question that players might have while docking is whether they can fast-travel to a particular point in-game while being docked to a space station. After all, the game allows you to fast-travel to any given point in most circumstances. So, shouldn’t it also allow you to fast-travel while being docked? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Starfield doesn’t allow you to fast-travel if your ship is docked. You will need to undock your spaceship, which is an easy process and requires you to leave through the air-lock. After that, you should be able to fast travel in Starfield once again.

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