12 Best Planets to Build Outposts in Starfield

Starfield has numerous solar systems and planets to explore, and each one is procedurally generated. This means the terrain and missions will always be unique to players. However, what isn’t unique on each planet are the resources, which always stay the same for each planet. The best part here is that you can mine and use these resources to make money in Starfield, thanks to outpost building. However, some of these planets are better than others, and you will benefit from setting up your outpost base on them. So, in this article, we list down the 12 best Starfield planets that are perfect for building an outpost.

Be it the geolocation or the resources, the planets we list below have proven to become a go-to choice for the Starfield community. If you want to quickly gain XP and money, consider setting your footprints here.

What to Consider Before Building a Starfield Outpost

So, you have finally decided to build your outpost and rake in free XP and money in Starfield. Cool! However, before you can start building your outpost, you have to keep a few things in mind. These are essentials and, honestly, just restrictions put in place by Bethesda. However, we expect modders to circumvent these restrictions and make building a fun experience.

Firstly, you can only build eight outposts on any planet in Starfield. Anything more than that, and you have to shut one of your existing ones. Second, most of the proper outpost building features are locked behind skills. Unlocking the four skills below will allow you to build better structures and outposts. These four skills will ensure you can create the best outpost on every Starfield planet and have more storage.

  • Outpost Management under Social
  • Outpost Management under Science
  • Planetary Habitation under Science
  • Research Methods under Science

Finally, choose planets that are rich in particular resources. Aluminium and Lead are two essential resources that are used for almost everything. Hence, ensure you use your planetary scanner and track down the best planets with essential resources. The planets we have picked from Starfield fulfill these criteria, making them a good choice for an outpost, so let’s have a look:

Best Starfield Outpost Locations and Planets

1. Kreet

Kreet Starfield best planets for outpost
  • System: Narion
  • Available Resources: Iron, Silver, Lead, Argon

Kreet is a rocky moon with low gravity, orbiting the planet Anselon in the Narion star system. This is the first planet you fly to during the beginning hours of Starfield, and Crimson Fleet occupies a research lab here. The temperature is optimal, and you can discover resources like Iron, Silver, Lead, and Argon.

If you are looking for a planet that gives you all the essential resources, Kreet is the best planet to set up your Starfield outpost early in the game.

2. Andraphon

Andraphon Starfield best outpost planet
  • System: Narion
  • Available Resources: Aluminum, Beryllium, Europium, Helium-3, Iron

Andraphon is another moon in the Narion star system with a temperate temperature. This allows anyone to land and comfortably explore the planet for resources. This moon orbits the planet Sumati and has five resources for you to explore. This planet contains Aluminium, Beryllium, Europium, Helium-3, and Iron.

If you have built any structures, you’ll know the importance of Aluminium and Iron as resources. Hence, if you need more of them, target Andraphon.

3. Cassiopeia I

Cassiopeia I
  • System: Eta Cassiopeia
  • Available Resources: Water, Chlorine, Copper, Nickel, Fluorine, Cobalt

Cassiopeia I is a rocky planet with a temperate temperature. Located in the Eta Cassiopeia star system, the planet has standard O2 available in the atmosphere, allowing you to breathe. So, Cassiopeia I is a planet where you don’t need to wear a spacesuit.

As for resources, you can collect Water, Chlorine, Copper, Nickel, Fluorine, and Cobalt on this planet if you build an outpost here.

4. Tau Ceti II

Tau Ceti 2 best outpost planets-in-Starfield
  • System: Tau Ceti
  • Available Resources: Water, Argon, Iron, Benzene, Alkanes

Tau Ceti is a rocky planet with thin O2 concentration in the atmosphere, making breathing difficult but not outright inhospitable. It is located inside the Tau Ceti star system and has a temperate temperature, reaffirming that the planet is hospitable. You can gather Water, Argon, Iron, Benzene, and Alaknes.

5. Eridani II

12 Best Planets to Build Outposts in Starfield
  • System: Eridani
  • Available Resources: Water, Chlorine, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Fluorine, Cobalt, Gold

Eridani 2 is a rocky planet situated in the star system Eridani. Eridani 2 has temperate weather and standard oxygen, making it breathable. For resources, Eridani houses many. Water, Chlorine, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Fluorine, Cobalt, and Gold are the available resources on this planet.

Hence, if you want these in abundance in Starfield, setting up one outpost on this planet is recommended.

6. Leviathan IV

Leviathan 4 Best Starfield outpost planets
  • System: Leviathan
  • Available Resources: Water, Chlorine, Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Fluorine, Ytterbium

A planet situated inside the Leviathan star system. Leviathan IV has an almost Earth-like atmosphere, allowing you to roam and breathe comfortably. Furthermore, Leviathan IV has a rocky terrain, but resource-wise, it is preferable for an outpost in Starfield.

You get Water, Chlorine, Aluminium, Copper, Iron, Fluorine, and Ytterbium. Aluminum, Copper, and Iron are the three most essential resources. Hence, set up your outpost on Leviathan IV if you want easy access to all three of them.

7. Linnaeus IV-b

12 Best Planets to Build Outposts in Starfield
  • System: Linnaeus
  • Available Resources: Water, Helium-3, Aluminum, Iron, Lead, Beryllium, Alkanes, Ytterbium

Linnaeus IV-b is the moon of Linnaeus IV, located inside the star system named Linnaeus. A moon with a temperate temperature, but a thin atmosphere, Linnaeus IV-b houses lots of resources. You can get Water, Helium-3, Aluminum, Iron, Lead, Beryllium, Alkanes, and Ytterbium.

This planet is another of the few available planets that cover the essential resources for crafting in Starfield, making this the perfect place for an outpost base.

8. Maheo II

Maheo 2 best Starfield outpost planets
  • System: Maheo
  • Available Resources: Water, Helium-3, Copper, Iron, Lead, Alkanes, Tetrafluorides, Ytterbium

A planet with rarer resources. Maheo II is a frozen planet located inside the Maheo star system. While you cannot breathe on the surface without your helmet because of the Nitrogen in Atmosphere, you can track down some impressive resources. Maheo II has the standard resources like Water, Helium-3, Copper, Iron, Lead, and Alkanes. Additionally, Maheo II houses two resources generally not found in the local planets, namely Tetrafluorides and Ytterbium.

9. Callisto

  • System: Sol
  • Available Resources: Helium-3, Iron

You must have heard about the moon of Jupiter, Callisto. If you play video games, you must have heard of this planet while playing the Krafton-published Callisto Protocol. Located in the Sol system, Callisto is one of the moons of Jupiter. A frozen planet with no breathable atmosphere, it allows you to mine Helium-3 and Iron in Starfield.

If you are trying to build outposts around some easily accessible planets, aim for Callisto in our solar system. Helium-3 will be worth it for upgrades. But do learn how to treat lung damage in Starfield.

10. Zamka

  • System: Alpha Centauri System
  • Available Resources: Water, Helium-3, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Uranium, Cobalt, Vanadium

Located in the Alpha Centauri System, Zamka is the moon orbiting the planet Olivas. Another frozen planet, it doesn’t have a hospitable atmosphere and uncomfortable temperatures.

However, Zamka is one of the only planets in the easily accessible star systems of Starfield that have rich available resources. If you set up a base here, you can mine Water, Helium-3, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Uranium, Cobalt, and Vanadium.

11. Procyon IV

Procyon IV in Starfield
  • System: Procyon A
  • Available Resources: Water, Nickel, Uranium, Cobalt

Deep in the Procyon system lies the planet Procyon IV, which is a cold planet with a high concentration of Nitrogen in the air, making it an inhospitable planet. After a few of our readers suggested this planet, I had to go and check its resources for myself.

Undoubtedly, the resources make it a solid planet choice for multiple reasons. The first is because it contains four of the essential minerals needed for crafting building materials and resources. The second is that Procyon IV has multiple areas where these resources overlap. This ensures that you can build an outpost and mine everything in less time and efficiently.

12. Jaffa III

Jaffa 3
  • System: Jaffa
  • Available Resources: Chlorine, Water, Copper, Plutonium, Iridium, Uranium, Chlorosilanes, Vanadium

A rocky planet with cold temperatures but high O2 concentration in the atmosphere, Jaffa III is a perfect off-beat planet destination for you to create an outpost. In terms of resources, Jaffa III contains some of the rarer minerals for production. While it does have the usual Water, Copper, and Iridium, it also has Plutonium, Chlorosilanes, and Vanadium. If you need a planet that has some of the rarer resources for production, Jaffa III is a planet to pick.

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  • Squambo says:

    This is great and all, but what about adhesive and lubricant and all the other *organic* resources? Kinda forgot the other half of the resources

  • Daniel Rysdyk says:

    Bessel III – b is fantastic for a starter base I can’t believe that’s not mentioned on here, has aluminum, iron, cobalt, nickel, and water overlapping, so harvesting that basically yields you unlimited power supply for you other outposts.

    • Jeremy says:

      Also, 1 hour on planet is almost 60 hrs UT time. So sleep an hour and get 60 hrs worth of resources!

  • Maelstrom Vortex says:

    How did Procyon IV not make this list. It has Fe, Cu, NI, and Uranium with strong potential for overlap! Crazy valuable world.

    • Jazz Hanz says:

      Procyon IV doesn’t have Fe or Cu…

      It has H20, Ni, U, and Co.

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