Starfield’s Shattered Space DLC Expansion Takes off This Fall

Starfield Shattered Expansion DLC cover
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In Short
  • Starfield's Shattered Space DLC is finally coming this fall.
  • Starfield Director Todd Howard has also teased a free ship-building-focused DLC arriving this week!
  • Howard also further emphasized the importance of modding for Starfield's future.

Since the release of Starfield (review), we haven’t seen the makers comment much on the game. Bethestha has been focused on the Fallout series, which is raking up the numbers after the TV show. However, things might be changing for Starfield as Bethesda has just announced that the game is receiving a new story expansion DLC. Titled “Shattered Space,” the DLC brings a lot of stuff this fall. That’s not all; they also teased an upcoming update that will improve how you build your spaceships.

In an interview with Kinda Funny Games, Starfield director Todd Howard provided a launch window for the DLC while discussing new features coming to the game. Howards further said:

“Shattered Space is in the fall, but we have a big update that’s coming really soon for Starfield….There’s a lot of stuff… we redid the map stuff, so we have some city map stuff.”

In December, Bethesda announced the story expansion for the first time, saying, “First major expansion coming next year.” This DLC was also included in the expensive bundle of the game on purchase, which speculated its arrival. The announcement further said the Shattered Space DLC expansion will feature “new story content, new locations, new gear, and much more.”

Starfield Additional Free DLC Update

Although the Story expansion arrives this fall, Bethesda has promised a new free DLC that will be announced as soon as this week. Howard revealed that this new free update will focus on players who love shipbuilding. He also said that “some great stuff” is coming in that department.

In this 40-minute interview with Greg Miller, Howard also shed some light on Starfield’s modding situation. Howard says the Starfield Creation Kit is already available for many creators. When asked about a potential date for this, Howard said, “I don’t have a date to announce when its full release is coming.” However, he further mentions that modders are important, and the new Creators Program is one of the great things for the game.

Are you excited about Starfield’s first story expansion DLC, Shattered Space, coming this fall? What do you think about the things Todd Howard said during the interview? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE Kinda Funny Games/ YouTube
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