How Many Fortnite Skins Are There in 2024?

In Short
  • Fortnite has a total of 1910 outfits or skins in the game in 2024, and the count increases with the game receiving new content.
  • Original, Licensed, Special Event, and Battle Pass skins are available in the game.
  • Fortnite skins also rarely arrive in item shops, and some, such as the Xbox bundle skin and Nintendo Switch bundle skin, do not even come back.

In-game cosmetics are one of Fortnite’s best elements to flex your pocket or style. Thanks to the game’s huge collection, there are plenty of skins you can select and equip from. From Marvel and DC to Star Wars or The Family Guy, Fortnite item shops have all types of outfit cosmetics. However, many gamers have a question: how many Fortnite skins are there in total? Well, if you’re curious about that, too, then keep reading to find out the answer!

How Many Skins Are There in Fortnite (2024)

As of May 22, 2024, Fortnite has a total of 1910 skins. The Fortnite skins collection has different types and rarities. Fortnite’s various skins include Original, Licensed, Special Event, and Battle Pass.

The original skins are mostly generic skins created by Epic Games that are mostly common or uncommon in rarity. Apart from the creations from Epic, Licensed and Special event skins add massive numbers to the skin count. Here is a small selection from that:

  • 60 Marvel characters
  • 24 DC characters
  • 25 Star Wars characters
  • 33 Other video game series characters
  • 50 real people

Moreover, Fortnite keeps getting popular every day. With collaborations from Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, Eminem, and more, the number of players is starting to increase. This also means the game continues to add more cosmetics, which will contribute to more players. Many skins in the game also have their LEGO Fortnite variant.

Are All Fortnite Skins Available?

The Fortnite item shop is random and rotates every day. This means not all Fortnite skins are available to purchase. There are also time-limited event skins that you only get during a particular event. This makes these skins rare collectibles in Fortnite. Additionally, the game also has a collection of age-restricted Fortnite skins. This means not all skin might be available for players of all ages.

Exclusive skins in Fortnite

The skins being available in the item shop decide its rarity. For example, Fortnite Kratos skin was last seen in the item shop on March 19th, 2021. Furthermore, some DC and Marvel skin bundles appear on the item shop once every year.

Some skins also came with specific Nintendo Switch or Xbox consoles, which made them rare because of their limited-time appearance. That is why it is not wrong to say that not every Fortnite cosmetic is always available.

How to Get Free Fortnite Skins

While Fortnite skins are expensive, you can get some for free. The best way to do this is by completing special challenges during some events to score free skins and cosmetic items. Remember Winterfest, Emilie, or Trailblazer event skins?

Opening presents was one way to snag those goodies or perform some tasks. But that’s not all! Save the World mode offers its path to free rewards, including outfits, V-Bucks, and other cool Fortnite swag.

Trailblazer Tai rewards

Moreover, Epic Games throws special tournaments featuring fictional characters, like Beast Boy and The Flash, and real-life streamers, like Chica, through their ICON Series skins. Top competition performers can win the coveted skin before it’s available in the store.

Now that you know how many skins are in Fortnite, tell us your favorite one in the comments below!

Who has the most skins in Fortnite?

While there are millions of players, according to YouTuber SypherPK’s video, Ashtvn has a collection of all the skin colors from the game. He can be among the few players with the most skins in Fortnite.

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