Sea Pickles in Minecraft: How to Get and Use Them

In Short
  • Sea pickles generate at the bottom of warm oceans and on top of coral blocks in coral reefs in Minecraft.
  • You may farm sea pickles by using bone meal on a waterlogged sea pickle placed on a living coral block.
  • Sea pickles are light source blocks, source of lime dye, can be composted and are great decorative blocks.

Among all the natural green blocks in Minecraft, sea pickles are some of the most unique ones you can use. They not only look interesting but have some properties that make them more desirable than other light source blocks. So, we decided to dedicate this guide to teaching you how to get sea pickles in Minecraft and use them in-game. With that, let’s start!

How to Get Sea Pickles

Sea pickles naturally generate only in the warm ocean Minecraft biome. These oceans have a teal tint to the surface and are generally attached to other warm biomes like deserts, mangrove swamps, and savannas. You will find sea pickles both on the sand blocks at the bottom of this biome and on top of surrounding coral blocks from coral reefs.

Naturally generated sea pickles in a warm ocean

They are much more common on top of coral, so that’s the place you should look at. You’ll find that no matter how small or large the coral reefs are there are plenty of sea pickles to collect. To do that, you can simply punch the sea pickle colony with your fist, and they’ll instantly break. You’ll get the number of sea pickles that made that colony, so up to 4 sea pickles per colony.

Apart from their natural habitat, you can find sea pickles in Minecraft using two more ways. One of them is visiting desert village houses. Sea pickles will occasionally spawn here and will resemble some sort of decorative pottery. Moreover, if you come across a wandering trader, they might offer to sell sea pickles for two emeralds each.

How to Farm Sea Pickles

Now let’s take a look at a way you can produce sea pickles yourself, making them renewable and easy to get in large quantities.

What You Need to Farm Sea Pickles

To get sea pickles in large quantities, you will need the following items:

  • Bone meal
  • Coral blocks (any)
  • Water sources or water buckets

First things first, you will need bone meal. Just like other natural blocks that require bone meal to grow, sea pickles are no exception. So, get as much bone meal as you can. Though that’s the first requirement to farm sea pickles in Minecraft.

The second requirement implies you obtain coral blocks of any kind. As we already mentioned, they are part of coral reefs in warm oceans. You may only get these blocks with a pickaxe enchanted with silk touch Minecraft enchantment. If you break them with anything else, they won’t drop anything. Nine coral blocks are more than enough for a little sea pickle farm, but you can get a few more just in case some corals die.

Furthermore, the third and last requirement is to have some water buckets on you or just any body of water nearby. So, after you have fulfilled all requirements, check out the steps below to farm sea pickles.

Steps to Farming Sea Pickles

  • Place coral blocks in a 3 x 3 configuration so that they stay alive. This means they’ll need to be attached to water sources or simply flowing water. The easiest way to do this is to dig a 3 x 3 area and place a single water source in the center.
Dug out area with a single water source in the center
  • Then, place nine blocks of coral on top of the water. Be careful not to remove the water source though. As you’ll see, coral blocks are not turning gray, so this will work just fine.
Coral blocks placed above the water
  • After that, you can create a one block-tall wall around the area above the coral blocks. These blocks will hold the water we’re about to place. Sea pickles can only grow if they’re waterlogged, so this step is necessary.
Wall built around the area above the coral blocks
  • After you make that wall, you can add a water source on top of the central coral block.
  • Then, add a sea pickle on that same coral block and use bone meal on it. The colony will then expand to four sea pickles and some of the nearby coral blocks have a chance to grow sea pickles as well.
  • As sea pickles grow, water sources will be created, so you don’t need to place or create all of them beforehand.
Player using bone meal on sea pickles to multiply them in Minecraft
  • However, sea pickle colonies on the adjacent coral blocks will not expand until you use bone meal on them directly.
  • After you grow all the sea pickle colonies, simply remove all colonies around the central one. You can then continue multiplying sea pickle colonies by adding bone meal to the central one, so you don’t have to constantly place them on the central coral block.

What Do Sea Pickles Do in Minecraft?

Now that you’ve got a source of sea pickles, let’s see what you can do with them. You may place them on most solid blocks on dry land or underwater in colonies of 1-4 sea pickle(s).

Sea pickles are one of the game’s light source blocks, which only emit light when underwater. The level they provide also depends upon the number of sea pickles in a colony. Here’s the summary of how the number of sea pickles affects the light level:

  • 1 Sea pickle – Light level 6
  • 2 Sea pickles – Light level 9
  • 3 Sea pickles – Light level 12
  • 4 Sea pickles – Light level 15
Light level each of the sea pickle colony sizes produces in Minecraft

These pickles are also a source of lime dye in Minecraft. When you cook a sea pickle in a furnace, it will turn into one lime dye. This is a far more effective way of obtaining this dye than cooking cactus and combining green and white dye. Finally, you can compost sea pickles and get a 65% chance of raising the compost level inside the composter.

With that said, you now know how to get, farm, and use sea pickles in Minecraft. They are generally amazing decorative blocks, especially for organic underwater builds. However, if you’re planning on using lots of lime terracotta and concrete, you should make this sea pickle farm as soon as possible. So, what are you planning to do with sea pickles? Let us know in the comments below!

Why won’t my sea pickles light up?

Sea pickles only emit light when underwater, so if they’re on dry land you won’t get any light from them.

Can you eat sea pickles?

No, you cannot consume sea pickles.

How rare are sea pickles?

Sea pickles are rare in a sense that they only generate in warm ocean biomes, but once you find this biome and coral reefs, you’ll see that sea pickles are not at all rare, since they are absolutely everywhere.

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