Best Uses of the Crafter in Minecraft 1.21

If you haven’t heard already, a new special block called the Crafter will be added to the game with the Minecraft 1.21 update. It’s a utility block that allows for fully automated crafting using redstone power. It’s essentially going to revolutionize and change the game forever. So, we decided to explore the community’s best crafter automation ideas and cover them to teach you how to use this block in Minecraft. So, let’s get started!

1. Simple Recipes

Even though Minecraft is filled with a ton of different items, most crafting recipes are simple. Many of them usually require only one item. The compact redstone contraption in the image below was created by the YouTuber RaysWorks. It can craft most recipes in the game, which makes it one of the best uses for the crafter in Minecraft 1.21. Furthermore, it requires only a few redstone components and building blocks.

Simple and compact crafter machine used for most recipes in Minecraft 1.21

All you need to do first is toggle the slots of the crafter’s grid to ‘disabled’ if the recipe doesn’t use it. Then, you can fill the barrel with ingredients and the machine is ready to go. There are even simpler designs, but this one fixes some of the potential errors that you may encounter with others.

So, by building and using this simple crafter setup, you can make things like armor pieces, different building blocks, compact blocks, buckets, shears, minecarts, boats, and so much more.

2. Dried Kelp Block

Dried kelp blocks are one of the best fuel sources in the game. So, we would like to share with you a very useful machine that was created by a great YouTuber xisumavoid. It requires various redstone components and blocks you can see in the image below or follow the video tutorial linked here. This machine is completely tileable, so you can make as many modules as you need.

One module of the crafter machine crafting dried kelp blocks
Image Courtesy: xisumavoid/YouTube

The point is that the dried kelp goes into the crafter and when the 9th dried kelp fills the last slot of the grid, the redstone signal becomes strong enough to trigger the crafter.

Then, the dried kelp blocks will get funneled into smokers, which will turn more regular kelp into dried kelp. But, if the smokers get filled, then the crafted dried kelp blocks will end up in the chest, ready for you to collect them or put them in another super smelter.

3. Bamboo Planks Crafter

Since the Minecraft 1.20 update introduced bamboo wood, it has become so much easier to obtain wood for crafting recipes like chests, sticks, etc. However, with the crafter, you can even automate the process by building this simple and compact machine. It does require two crafters, though.

The first one turns bamboo into bamboo blocks. Then, the second one turns the blocks into planks and stores them in a chest. From then on, you can keep the planks and build with them. Or you can use the machine mentioned in the first section above to make sticks and other wooden items.

Machine that automatically crafts bamboo planks from bamboo items, one of the best Minecraft 1.21 crafter uses

This contraption was created by none other than the redstone genius Mumbo Jumbo on YouTube. Due to its efficiency and compactness, this is surely one of the best uses for the crafter in Minecraft 1.21.

Congrats, now you know some of the best uses for the crafter in Minecraft 1.21. Though this block is still in beta testing, we are amazed by the creative designs that the wonderful community has come up with and cannot wait to see more. Which crafter setup will you make in your world? Or, what all crafter automation do you want us to focus on? Let us know in the comments below!

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