How to Make a Campfire in Minecraft

In Short
  • To make a regular campfire in Minecraft you'll need three logs, three sticks, coal or charcoal and crafting table.
  • For the soul campfire, all the resources are the same except the coal which becomes soul soil or soul sand.
  • Fill the bottom row with logs, place the coal or soul soil in the central slot and surround it with sticks.

To cook food in Minecraft, you will need a furnace or a smoker. Both of these require fuel to operate, but the smoker is much faster. However, there is the third option that doesn’t rely on fuel, and it’s a campfire. This unique block is useful for a few more reasons. But today, we’ll focus on the items you need to make a regular and soul campfire, their crafting recipes, and where you can find them in the Minecraft world. So with that, let’s get started!

Resources Required to Make a Campfire

You need the following items to craft a campfire:

  • 3 Logs, Stems, Wood, Hyphae, or the Stripped Variants
  • 3 Sticks
  • One Piece of Charcoal or Coal (for a regular campfire)
  • One Soul Soil Block or Soul Sand Block (for soul campfire)
  • Crafting Table

Among these items, the logs are the easiest to obtain. You only have to break a tree in Minecraft to obtain logs in no time. Then, you can use the same log to make planks, and later, sticks easily. You can use our Minecraft ore distribution guide to easily find coal in Minecraft.

We only need one piece of coal to craft a campfire. But if finding coal isn’t working out for you, you can smelt any wooden log inside the furnace to turn it into charcoal. Both coal and charcoal act as a source of fuel for the fire. But neither one is more effective than the other. So, feel free to use whichever one is easier to obtain for you.

Smelting logs into charcoal

If you want to craft a soul campfire, however, you need soul soil or soul sand as the fuel block. To find one of these blocks, you have to first make a Nether portal and travel to the Nether dimension. Here, with merely a few minutes of exploration, you can easily spot soul blocks.

If, for some reason, you don’t want to travel to the Nether, you can also find soul soil in the ancient city. But we won’t suggest you take such a high risk unless you know how to defeat the Warden.

How to Craft a Campfire in Minecraft

Now that you’ve got all the resources, let’s craft a campfire. Follow the step-by-step process below to do that effortlessly.

  • Place the crafting table in your world and right-click it to open its UI.
  • After that, you can place three logs filling the bottommost row of the crafting grid.
  • Then, with coal or charcoal in the middle cell, surround it with three sticks on either side and on the top.
  • On the other hand, if you want to make a soul campfire, place the soil sand block in the center cell of the crafting area. The rest of the recipe remains the same.

Where to Find a Campfire in Minecraft

The regular variant of the campfire is naturally generated at the following locations:

You can break a campfire by hand or with a tool. However, keep in mind that if you break a regular campfire without a tool enhanced with a silk touch enchantment, you’ll get only 2 (Java edition) or 4 (Bedrock edition) charcoal back.

As for the soul campfire, it doesn’t generate naturally in Minecraft. You can only craft it manually and it drops a single block of soul soil if broken without silk touch. However, if you use silk touch to mine either of the campfire variants, they’ll drop themselves as items.

If you’d like to get a campfire apart from crafting it or finding it in the world, you can also trade with villagers to obtain it. The apprentice-level fisherman villagers sell regular campfires in exchange for emeralds. Follow our linked guide about villagers to find out more.

With that, you know everything about campfires and soul campfires. In case you’re curious about the campfire uses, feel free to follow our linked guide that’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

If you are someone who wants to go all-in on the camping vibes, our guide on Minecraft mods can introduce you to some amazing camping additions. You’ll need to install Forge in Minecraft to run all the mods. With that said, which variant of campfire do you like more? Soul campfire or regular campfire? Tell us in the comments!

Can you make a campfire with any wood?

Yes, any log, stripped log, wood and stripped wood variant will work. This also goes for the Nether tree or mushroom blocks called stems and hyphae.

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