How to Get Wool in Minecraft (4 Ways)

There are numerous blocks and items in Minecraft, and they are sorted in their own categories. Some are functional blocks, colored blocks, building blocks, wile others are mob drops, redstone components, etc. It’s rare that one block can be included in multiple categories. One of those is definitely wool. It has many uses and is regularly needed in your blocky world. So, in this guide, let’s look at all the ways you can get wool in Minecraft.

Wool is quite an important block in Minecraft. You can use it in building, crafting other wool blocks, or even preventing sculk sensors from detecting certain vibrations. You can also dye the wool block in 16 different colors. Wool is a common block and easy to get in Minecraft.

Pile of wool and wool items in Minecraft

There are various different ways you can get wool in Minecraft, so let’s go over all of them and you can choose which one suits you most.

1. Get Wool from Sheep in Minecraft

The fastest and most obvious method to get wool in Minecraft is through sheep. In the early game, when you don’t have access to many precious resources, you can obtain wool by killing sheep. You will only get one piece of wool, and it will have the same color as the sheep, so it can be either white, light gray, gray, black, brown or pink.

Two sheep who you can get wool from in Minecraft

Once you get some iron, you can also make a shear and use it on sheeps. They will drop 1-3 wool this way. This is the recommended way, since you don’t kill the sheep so you can continue breeding them and get a lot more wool. Baby sheep don’t drop anything when killed and cannot be sheared.

2. Craft Wool in Minecraft

If you have built perhaps a general mob farm in Minecraft and need wool in large quantities, you can also craft it using strings. Place four string in your crafting table or 2×2 crafting grid to make one white wool block.

To get wool you can also craft it with four string, as shown in this crafting recipe in Minecraft

3. Trade with Shepherd Villagers

Shepherds as novices buy wool from the player, but at the apprentice level they have a chance to sell it to them. This way, you can buy every single color wool for an emerald.

Shepherd selling wool in Minecraft

4. Find Wool in Minecraft

Surprisingly, there are plenty of places where you can just find wool blocks in your Minecraft world. It generates as part of a couple of structures and in a particular chest. If you want to gather a bunch of wool, remember that the preferred tool is shears.

  1. Woodland Mansion

If you explore a woodland mansion, you will find a few strange statues of a cat, chicken, and an illager made out of wool. Besides those, there are also rooms with piles of blue wool, beds made out of white wool, and a room that represents the stronghold in Minecraft. There are carpets of multiple colors throughout this entire building too.

Illager statue in a woodland mansion made out of wool
  1. Village

In plains villages, you will come across white and yellow wool in the shepherd’s and Fletcher’s houses, as well as some overhangs covering meeting points made out of them. Moreover, one type of house in a snowy village generates a block of light gray wool. You are likely to find some wool of naturally spawned sheep’s colors in the shepherd’s chest.

Plains village with some meeting point overhangs made out of wool
  1. Pillager Outpost

Apart from their big outpost, pillagers have tents surrounding it made out of white wool. You can break the wool blocks and collect them for use in your adventures.

Pillager outpost and tents made out of wool
  1. Ancient City

Wool has some very useful and interesting properties when it comes to sculk sensors. That’s why it’s present in ancient cities in Minecraft. You will find gray wool on some walls and as part of the floor in long corridors. Furthermore, there is a smaller piece of this structure that generates with cyan, light blue, and blue wool. Carpets of a couple different colors are also generated in this structure.

Part of an Ancient city in Minecraft

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you convert wool to string in Minecraft?

No, this is not possible. You can use the string to craft wool, but not vice versa.

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