How to Craft and Use Boat with Chest in Minecraft

At this point, the conversations around the Wild update are limited to the new mobs coming to Minecraft. But all of that’s about to change, thanks to the newly introduced boats with chests. This brand-new addition combines two existing entities in the game. On the surface, the concept sounds intuitive and basic, but its usage is game-changing. From traveling distances to building new Redstone machines, there’s a lot you can do here. Since most of the community is still discovering them, we are scratching the surface of their usefulness. Maybe you can be the one to take them to the next level. With that said, let’s explore everything you need to know about a boat with a chest in Minecraft.

Boats with Chests in Minecraft 1.19 (2022)

We will first cover the basics of boats and chests. But if you want, you can directly jump to the steps for how to make the boat with a chest and its uses with the help of the table below.

Items Required to Make a Boat and Chest

You don’t need to overthink this part as you only need a boat and a chest to make a boat with a chest in Minecraft. However, to make those two items, you need the following:

  • 13 Wooden Planks (any type of overworld wood)
  • 1 Wooden Shovel (crafted with 2 sticks and a wooden plank)
  • Crafting Table

Once you have the necessary items, it’s time to start crafting the two essential items for this guide. So, open the crafting table and get ready.

How to Make a Boat in Minecraft

To make a boat in Minecraft, you need a shovel and 5 wooden planks. All planks must be of the same type of overworld wood. Once you have these items, you first need to place planks in the bottom row of the crafting area. Then, place two planks in the second row, leaving the middle block empty. Finally, place a shovel in the middle cell of the crafting area, and your boat is ready.

Boat Recipe

The color of the crafted boat depends upon the type of wooden planks you used. Additionally, in the Bedrock edition, it’s possible to craft a boat without a shovel. But if you want to dig deeper, we have a detailed guide on how to make a boat in Minecraft that you can follow.

How to Make a Chest in Minecraft

Minecraft has a variety of chests and similar storage blocks. You can have shulker boxes, ender chests, trapped chests, and even barrels. But you can only use a regular wooden chest to make a boat with a chest in Minecraft. To make that, you only need 8 wooden planks. Just like a boat, you have to use the same types of planks, but they don’t necessarily have to be from the overworld.

To craft a chest, place 8 planks in the crafting area, all along the boundary cells. Only the middle cell of the crafting area should be empty. With that, your chest will be ready, and you can drag it to your inventory. Irrespective of the type of plank used, the chest will always have the same color.

Crafting Recipe of Boat with Chest

Boats with chests have the easiest crafting recipe in Minecraft. Following the footsteps of this entity’s name, you simply need to place a chest and a boat in the crafting area. This recipe doesn’t even have a special arrangement. You can place these two items in any cell. In fact, you don’t even need a crafting table. Like other 2-ingredient recipes, you can craft a boat with a chest in your inventory too.

Types of Boats with Chests

Don’t get too excited. The variations in boats with chests are just in their colors. You can’t use different types of chests. But you can use any in-game boat and combine it with a wooden chest. The resulting boat will have the same color as the original wood used. With that in mind, these are the types of boats with chests you can craft in Minecraft:

  • Oak Boat with Chest
  • Spruce Boat with Chest
  • Birch Boat with Chest
  • Jungle Boat with Chest
  • Acacia Boat with Chest
  • Dark Oak Boat with Chest
  • Mangrove Boat with Chest

Do note that mangrove boats and mangrove wood, in general, are a part of the new biomes being added in the Minecraft 1.19 update. So, you won’t find them in earlier versions of the game.

How to Use the Chest on Your Boat

The usage of the boat with a chest is the same as a regular boat and a regular chest, at least in normal circumstances. When you sit in the boat, it moves normally, and you can’t access the chest directly while you are inside the boat. Instead, you have to press your inventory key (“E” key) to see the chests’ components.

But if you are on the outside, you can hold the crouch button and access the chest without sitting on the boat. In that situation, the chest works like a regular chest. With the basics out of the way, here are a few more common properties of this new feature in Minecraft:

  • When you destroy the boat, its chest gets automatically destroyed dropping all the items from its inventory.
  • The chest doesn’t affect the speed of the boat in any way. Nor does the items in the chest.
  • If you have a chest on your boat, you can’t have two riders on it. It takes up the slot of the second rider.
  • Other mobs and players can also ride the boat with a chest. So, if the seat is filled, you can’t ride that boat unless you kill that entity or break the boat.

Boat with Chest and Hoppers

As you already know, a boat with a chest is an amazing way to store and transport items. But you can even use the same boat with a chest to send stored items into a hopper. You simply have to make the boat move on top of a hopper. Then, the hopper will automatically suck the items and move them into a chest.

The hoppers treat the boat with a chest just like a dispenser. And if you have the right plan, it could also fit into your automatic Minecraft farms with Allay. The boat with a chest can transport items to the Allays, which can then pick and sort them easily.

When is Boat with Chest Coming to Minecraft?

Boats with a chest were first added to the game with the Minecraft Beta 29. The players running the Minecraft wild update beta and Minecraft Preview update can access them right away as of March 2022. But other players have to wait for a few weeks until the official release of the Minecraft 1.19 update.

Craft Boat with Chest in Minecraft Today

Adding a boat with a chest in Minecraft is proof that developers are listening to their users’ demands. Players have tried to get this feature for years. So, who knows what other basic but essential feature we might get next. But if you can’t wait for the developers, some of the best Minecraft mods can help you access new features early in the game. Though, you first have to install Forge in Minecraft to run any of them. However, this solution only works for players on the Java edition. As for the Bedrock players, some of the best Minecraft maps might hold a stronger hope of integrating exclusive features.

Having said that, once the update reaches all platforms, players on both editions can enjoy the new features in their game. Keeping that in mind, how do you plan to use a boat with a chest in your Minecraft world? Tell us in the comments below!

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