New Biomes in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update

List of All New Biomes in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update

The Minecraft 1.18 update is still making news because of its game-changing world generation. But that’s not enough to keep players from getting excited about Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update. Stakes are really high for this update after the success of 1.18, and from the looks of it, we won’t be disappointed. From new mobs to cool features, there’s a lot to look forward to with the upcoming version of Minecraft. But for now, let’s focus on the upcoming new biomes in Minecraft 1.19 update. Our list has some confirmed as well some speculated biomes you can expect to find in Minecraft Bedrock and Java Editions. But if you still haven’t gotten around to trying the last update, use our best Minecraft 1.18 seeds list to make the most out of it. With that said, let’s dive right in and explore all the new biomes Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update will have to offer.

New Biomes in Minecraft 1.19 Update (2022)

Our list of biomes isn’t ranked in any way. So, you can explore the different biomes as per your interest using the table below.

Deep Dark Caves

As the name suggests, this biome was originally planned for the 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update. But due to developmental delays, we will finally see this new biome in Minecraft 1.19 update. Deep dark caves are the most dangerous type of caves in the game. They spawn only below the Y=-1 level of height.

Deep Dark Caves Biome

Unlike other cave biomes, including the recently added lush caves and dripstone caves seeds, deep dark caves won’t have any reliable light sources like lava. Though, you might find glowing lichen at certain locations within the cave. As for the mobs, you don’t have to worry about bumping into a creeper in the dark. The regular hostile mobs almost never spawn within the deep dark. However, there’s something more sinister (more on this below) that you should worry about in this darkness.

Ancient Cities

Within the deep dark caves, at times, you can encounter a structure called ancient cities. The easiest way to notice this structure is through iconic deep slate bricks and sculk blocks. Following the skulk blocks, at times, can lead you to a castle-like structure that is home to the Warden.

Warden is a highly threatening boss mob in Minecraft 1.19. It is also the first blind mob in the game. The Warden’s presence alone makes the deep dark caves one of the best new biomes in Minecraft 1.19 update. But defeating the Warden is no child’s play. It is immune to damage from fire, lava, and even drowning. Moreover, even fall damage and blast damage don’t affect it much.

Warden in Minecraft

In its territory, you get affected by a darkness effect, which reduces the in-game brightness for the player. Then, Warden attacks the player based on the sound and vibrations they make. It can kill you with just two hits, even if you have full netherite armor. So, unlike any other mob fight, you have to rely on stealth and game sense more than your combat skills. Lucky for you, we already have a guide in place to defeat the Warden in Minecraft.

New Swamp Biome

On the not so sinister side of things are the swamps in our list of new biomes in Minecraft. Yeah, we already have swamps in the game, but if we are being honest, no one likes them. Keeping that in mind, the developers at Minecraft are now giving us a new variant of the swamp biome.

New Swamps in Minecraft 1.19 Biomes

But before we move on to that, the original swamps are also getting a new mob called Frogs in Minecraft. They also have eggs, tadpoles, and color variants that create a whole experience around them. You can even use frogs to make a new block called “Froglight” in the game. Additionally, swamps also spawn fireflies at nighttime, making them more welcoming than ever before.

Mangrove Swamp

As a variant of the swamp biome, the upcoming Minecraft 1.19 update is gifting us a mangrove swamp biome. It looks like a combination of jungle and swamp biomes. You can find mangrove trees, mud blocks, warm frogs, and fireflies in this biome. But among this bunch, the most interesting part of this biome is its trees.

Seed with Huge Mangrove Swamp Biome

Unlike existing trees in the game, the mangrove trees rely on a propagule to grow. And they are the first variety of trees that can grow underwater and also has roots. Moreover, you can see this tree adjust and wrap itself around the surroundings wherever it spawns or grows. If that sounds interesting, you can use our guide to know everything you need to know about the mangrove swamp biome.

Speculated New Biomes in Minecraft 1.19

Beyond the already confirmed biomes, there are a few rumors and speculations around other biomes too. Here’s a list of our guesses at the upcoming biomes and biome-based changes in the next update.

New Birch Forest Concept Art Minecraft
Birch Forest Concept Art from Minecraft 2021 Live
  • Birch forests can get a few additional features, and a structural revamp to make them more interesting. We are expecting hollow wood, taller trees, and new plants.
  • Jungle and swamp villages might also find a way into the game in the Minecraft 1.19 update. We already have models for villagers from both of these biomes in the game. And with the confirmation of mud huts and mangrove wood, we might see swamp villages, followed by jungle villages in the new update.

Get Ready to Explore New Biomes in Minecraft 1.19

Between Minecraft 1.18.2’s beautiful mountains seeds and Minecraft 1.19’s revamped wildlife, I am definitely a bigger fan of the latter. And since the update is in the early testing stage, we are just scratching the surface. Who knows what else we might discover as the release date inches closer. Meanwhile, we also have a guide to existing Minecraft biomes if you haven’t explored all of them yet. They look even better than usual if you turn on the best Minecraft 1.18.2 shaders in the latest update. Though, you might have to install Optifine in Minecraft 1.18 to get started. Coming back to the Minecraft 1.19 update, there’s a lot to unpack here. So, don’t forget to tell us what more you expect from the new Wild update in the comments below. Who knows, your guessed feature might end up in the update, arriving later this year.


    1. I am not sure what your point is… Is it still fun? Yep. Do I care who gets the money? Umm, nope.

      1. Pretty sure they were replying to all the people asking for specific features to be added, or the at least one comment that was specifically addressed “Hey Mojang”

  1. I am hoping for quite a few things.
    -Sakura/cherry blossom trees. These are so pretty and would be amazing with a new wood type.
    -glass slabs and stairs, would make making glass domes easier.
    -a new Desert biome variant, with more detailed cactus and sand.
    -a new Mesa biome that is a large canyon, sometimes with Canyon Dens in the edge, making a Canyon Village.
    -Mesa, Swamp, and Jungle villages. Heres ideas: Mesa could be in the side of cliffs, swamp could be swamp huts edited in a large quantity, and jungle could be in small caves, under a jungle tree, or treehouses!
    -a beautifulflower biome with large flowers. Example: a Large Poppy Flower could have three blocks; a Poppy petal block, a Stem block (this for all), and a Poppy Seed Block (just remove “poppy” for others and add the name of the flower.)
    -more food like butter, cheese, burgers, ect ect.
    -an Ender Corruption Zone that spreads around a stronghold, and features end blocks. Same thing but with a nether. They could both have their dimension’s mobs.
    -finally, a new dimension in the new swamp, maybe a larger tree could spawn in the biome, and the portal is under it. Inside is a version of the same biome but the sky is pitch-black, water will kill you instead of letting you breathe if you go in completely, and a new tree boss that is dificult, and spawns roots around you to attack you and summons little trees that crawl around alongside it, attacking you.
    I bet some of these have a chance of happening, like glass stuff, villages, and the Cherry Blossom Trees, but other stuff most likely will not happen, but who knows?

  2. Hey Mojang, I would just love it we could tame more animals, for instance, taming and keeping Panda, sheep, foxes, bees. Also if we could have butterfly’s and caterpillars with the ability to catch them and keeps as pets. Fruit trees would be a great asset while using the fruit to tame animals. Mirrors maybe? Better placement, e.g., torches and ladders on both sides of a corner. Backpack, but they slow you down. More mushroom growth. Accessories that work as armour. Thirst levels. NO GUNS TO BE ADDED PLEASE!! Finally, glass-pane roofs.
    No need for all these things, but they would be awesome for gameplay!
    – Lizzy

    1. First of all this isn’t mojang, second of all mirrors would just ruin the game!
      Ovibously no guns are gonna be added

  3. can you bring the amazon biome because we need a harder challenge the deep dark is going to be easy.

  4. What would be AMAZING to see is Apple Trees maybe even different trees for fruit like Apples, Oranges Peaches Etc. I think that would REALLY spice it up for the more passive players ^.^

  5. I’m looking forward to the deep dark and the warden, a new realm added would be nice and I like the suggestions about new bosses. Adding more wildlife both hostile and neutral that can be tamed would be a nice addition. New weapons and armor would be nice but not something that makes it too easy. The fruits addition would be nice to have as well as taming uses. New structures both new and old looking would add some great features. My only suggestion is to add volcanic island that have a higher chance of ore spawn with a possible new ore. Thank you and looking forward to playing on the new update.

    1. Yes,
      mojang you need to add more fruits like banana and Mango also.
      And some mobs that can be tamed by using these fruits.

  6. Add new Items called Armoured Elytra for each armour variant which will be almost be like elytra except it makes you slower when flying but gives you the armour bar of the armour crafted with so you can can fly in boss battle with full armour set ablities

  7. Hello Mojang i successfully hacked into beta of the 1.19 Wild Update now i found a way to hack into Real version also you can’t do any thing to me,

  8. Add herobrine and entity 303 hai dark shadow as a mob which can be killed with a new type of sword

  9. Hello Mojang, I have a few things that will add a nice addition to the game: mushrooms that grow of of logs natraly, deer and bear and last more flowers! Thank you! (please never add guns!)

  10. Hello Mojang, can you please add mushrooms that grow over time on logs and more flowers? That would be a nice addition to the game! But please no guns! Thank you!

  11. Hy add some new things in inventory also add some more structures and biomes need to add some free mod to use in game….

  12. Dear Minecraft,
    Please add folowing Things…,

    A. Food items,

    1. Apple Juice
    2. Bananas
    3. Oranges
    4. Cooked Bread
    5. Milkshake
    6. Chocolate

    C. Tools

    1. Broom (to clean surroundings)
    2. Knife
    3. Scuba Diving Mask
    4. Mask

    Review: Add fastness effect after eating chocolate or cake
    Add water drinking ability and water bar

    1. Player Review of Suggestions
      1. Apple Juice
      I don’t really see a point for this one, there isn’t even a thirst bar.
      2. Bananas
      Sure, a new fruit would be cool.
      3. Oranges
      Same as above.
      4. Cooked Bread
      This seems kinda dumb, since like the whole convenience of bread in Minecraft is that you don’t have to cook/bake it.
      5. Milkshake
      6. Chocolate
      I mean cookies are already in the game, and they use cocoa beans.
      1. Broom (to clean surroundings)
      No, what are you going to clean with it anyways?
      2. Knife
      No, there is a sword, what would you need a knife for? Cooking I’m guessing.
      3. Scuba Diving Mask
      There is already a helmet in the game that helps you to breath underwater. I forgot what it is called but you craft it from scute from turtles.
      4. Mask
      Why would you need a mask? If it is just to look cool, then buy one on Lunar Client I guess.

      Overall, most of these things seem to be food oriented. If you want more food stuff added to the game, then just download this minecraft mod called Pam’s Harvest. It has basically all of the things you suggested and a bunch of other trees and things you can make in the game. I don’t know if Pam’s Harvest has a thirst bar but I don’t see Mojang adding it. Also there are mods that have that too.

  13. Maybe the next version of Minecraft would be 1.20 or 20.0
    I hope mojang can add more animal, like a giraffe, elephant, snail,snake, jaguar, crocodile and many more.

    Hei mojang,I hope you change the sound of the door,trapdoor and chest,pls make the sound same like java edition😁.

    For the snowie biome pls add deer.

    Can mojang please add a hardcore mode for bedrock too,more bedrock edition player wanna try it too.

    That all for my suggestion.

    Thanks you mojang for the update.

    We appreciate it 😁😁😁

    1. Ich find Dinosaurier könnten noch dazu kommen mindestens 40 und ich finde es toll wie viel Zeit ihr dafür in Anspruch nehmt aber bitte fügt Dinosaurier hinzu😁😁😁

  14. Can you add the old resipie of making the golden enchanted apple that is by 8 gold blocks and 1 apple

  15. Mojang, if you read this, please just notice that cats are lit, whereas dogs have nothing to go off of. A suggested variation in the appearance would be nominal.

      1. Hey Mojang studios can you please add bears it would be insane+ it would be cool to add more wolfes/dogs

  16. Une mise a jour pour l’ender ou une food update serai vraiment nécessaire !!
    Sinon Minecraft reste imbattable pas aucun autre jeu 😁

  17. All I think that really needs an update is the dog/wolf. The cats have had many updates, but the dogs still look exactly like wolves, please update the dog. Thank you for the amazing game Mojang. I’m excited for what comes of it.

    1. E além de fazer algumas mudanças no cão/lobo poderia tbm adicionar armaduras para o cão/lobo seria incrivel se isso acontecesse

  18. Hi, mojang? Just a suggestion, changeing the axolotls in the axolotl buckets to match the ones you picked up would be appreciated. Thanks!

  19. I hope to see the bug for where the villagers go to sleep be fixed because they end up laying in the floor or floating in mid air our of their beds.

  20. If minecraft could add an update for snowy biomes also that could be fun, if they add pine trees to minecraft it would be great for Christmas trees and penguins which are pretty cute and frozen lakes in middle of some places in the snowy biomes, i really love winter BTW so it would be cool if they did that

        1. Sorry to disturb your delusional fantasies, but the current end update is posthumous-level. Redacted is correct, they should at least an iota more to the current void landscape.

  21. Is the update just for players on PC or will it apply to console players to, still playing it on Wii U at the moment but suppose I could purchase on PS4 if needed to.

  22. I thank that Minecraft should make more living animals instead of mods. and other should be new villagers and villagers’ homes like there should a king in mind craft and if you kill him you become the king and lead there army.BUT comment on mine pleas to see what you thank

    1. Omg that would be so cool! I can all ready see all the youtubers/streamets going CRAZY for this lol

  23. Hi I am playing Minecraft since realese I would really like a new boss in the nether like king blaze and a new biome in the nether. I would like a ore that is more powerful than netherite it can be used to defend hits from the warden , And it can be only found in the end like the name should be endinium it colour must purple and it’s really Hard to find. I would also like a swana update more mobs would be cool

      1. Hahaha lol
        But I a have to agree that I would also like more things in the nether and like a new boss and a new ore… Thank you

      2. Maybe not Santa, but still, quoted Endinium to defend against the Warden sounds like a welcome addition. The Beta Warden is already an extremely painful ordeal.

  24. With all the changes ive seen in minecraft since I’ve been playing it would be good to see a new block type created, like a triangle would be interested, l can picture in my minecraft mind lots of interesting possibilities for this especially if you have choices of direction both vertically and horizontal.

  25. Maybe like when u kill a cat u get a cats eye like u get a spooder but u can Make cats eyes and u can see in the dark but it a lil crazy but meh :3

    1. Do you realize that a switch doesn’t even come close to having the specs it needs to run shaders? Even a PC with a RTX 30 series can sometimes struggle with shaders to get even 60fps.

      And Java on other devices? Huh?

    2. Java edition on other devices sounds absolutely absurd. . . Joking! Such a great idea though.

  26. Hey, me and my friend have discussed and we want dinosaurs, mice, butterflies, a Verity of birds (pigeons aspecially), and insects. This would be amazing and definatley lure in more players. BRING IT ON!!

  27. Would like to see a new wood cutting table being able to make triangles and a new furnace able to bake clay
    And would like to see stronger tools

    1. this has to be a joke, right? This isn’t fortnite and the time that minecraft is set in is so that mechanical devices aren’t even invented yet? Like they didn’t even add chairs because they though it would be “too modern”….

      1. This is so true, including the fact that this is a kid friendly game! (Pretty sure it is a PG game)

    2. One of the greatest things about Minecraft is that it DOESN’T have guns. This is a very versatile game, appropriate for all ages, and still appeals to all ages. There are plenty of other games with guns, so let’s keep them out of Minecraft.

  28. Hi Mojang I know you probably won’t add this idea to Minecraft but may be you could : 1. New Wepons and armours. 2. New Spawn eggs. 3. And maybe you could add GUNS but in the inventory so its optional instead of of being in a mod. Thank you for your time bye.

  29. Hello majong i am old player of minecraft my name is steve respectively please add a water bar that make a game some realestic so i am like mods of water bar please you can add a water bar and some other kind of woods

  30. Perhaps the addition of wool armor, or padded leather armor, which could be crafted at the Smithing table by using leather armor and either wool, or if you want it to be a little more challenging, phantom membrane, could allow one to move more quickly in ancient cities without attracting the attention of the warden, making it a truly neutral mob.

  31. I am eagerly waiting for the deep caves and swamps update. But my favourite wood in real life is teak. So i would kindly request to add these type of trees.

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