How to Broadcast Messages on Google Assistant Smart Speakers and Displays

Google Assistant comes in handy for a lot of things in our lives today. Be it hands-free calling, messaging, asking for directions, or setting up multiple alarms, Google’s voice assistant can do it all. But did you know that you can use a Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker or smart display as a broadcasting system for announcements? Well, you can. And we will walk you through the steps involved to broadcast messages on Google Nest/ Home devices and other Assistant-enabled devices in this guide.

Broadcast Voice Messages on Google Assistant Smart Speakers (2021)

What is Google Assistant Broadcast Feature?

Google Assistant speakers and smart displays have a built-in feature that lets you communicate with other family members with ease. For instance, if you would like to call your kids for dinner, you can do it right from the kitchen or living room without having to go to your kid’s room. In this case, the speaker in the kid’s room will announce the message you send from the living room speaker or smart display.

You can use this feature across Google Assistant devices and also from your phone to speakers. While your phone doesn’t have to be on the same Wi-Fi network, keep in mind that all speakers should be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection to broadcast the message. The feature works as long as the speaker’s firmware version is 1.39154941 or newer.

Steps to Broadcast Voice Messages on Google Assistant Speakers

First, trigger Google Assistant with the hotword ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Ok Google’. Once the Assistant has been activated, use one of the following commands:

  • Broadcast <message>
  • Shout <message>
  • Tell everyone <message>
  • Announce <message>

Here, <message> represents the voice message. You can say any message you prefer or choose one of the preset messages from the next section. While Google Assistant directly broadcasts your voice in a custom message, it uses a predefined response for preset messages.

You also have the option to broadcast a message to a specific room or device using the commands listed below:

  • Broadcast to room: Broadcast to <room name> <message>
  • Broadcast to device: Broadcast to <device name> <message>

And to reply to a broadcast, use the following command:

  • Reply <message>
  • Send a reply <message>

It’s worth mentioning that your reply will be sent just to the original broadcasting device. Hence, other Google Assistant speakers in your home won’t play your reply message.

Broadcast a Preset Message Using Google Assistant

As mentioned above, you can either send your custom message or use one of the preset messages. Here are all the preset messages you can use with Google Assistant Broadcasts:

PurposeKeyword to Use After Broadcast
Wake up1. wake up everyone
2. (it's) time to wake up
Breakfast1. breakfast is ready
2. breakfast is served
3. (it's) time for breakfast
Lunch1. (your) lunch is ready
2. it's lunch time
Dinner1. dinner is served
2. dinner is ready
3. ring the dinner bell
4. (it's) time for dinner
5. it's dinner time
Time to leave1. (it's) time to get out
2. (it's) time to leave
3. (it's) time to leave home
4. (it's) time to leave the house
Arrived home1. I'm home
2. I'm here
On the way1. (I'm) on the way
2. (I'll) be home soon
3. (I'll) be back soon
Movie time1. (it's) movie time
2. the movie is about to start
3. let's go to the movie
TV time1. the show is about to start
2. it's time to watch tv
3. (it's) tv time
Bedtime1. (it's) time for bed
2. (it's) time to go to bed
3. sleep time
4. we should go to bed

Use Google Assistant to Broadcast Messages Across Your Home

So that’s how you can broadcast voice messages to Google Assistant speakers and smart displays across your home. It is a convenient feature especially in smart homes with multiple speakers or smart displays. Meanwhile, you could also consider using guest mode on Google Assistant smart speakers when people are coming over. Also, while you are at it, we suggest you check out the best Google Assistant commands that may come in handy in the long run. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments section below.

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