Here’s a First Look at Vice City in GTA 6

In Short
  • The GTA 6 trailer is out and features a lot of iconic new and old locations found in Vice City.
  • Multiple old locations like the Malibu Club, Boat Yard, Oceanview Hotel, and more can also be spotted in the trailer.
  • Besides the old locations, the game also showcases newer locations, such as Mud Club and Swamp Lakes.

After a decade of waiting, Rockstar Games has finally released the first trailer for GTA 6. Besides confirming the iconic location of Vice City, we know now for sure that the game is set in the state of Leonida. While there will be other locations besides Vice City, today, we are focusing on all the iconic old and new locations we spotted throughout the trailer. So, if you really missed this nostalgic area and want to see what’s back, keep reading.

Returning Vice City Locations in GTA 6

Before the trailer, we got a lot of leaks and rumors about the map’s size and location. Although it all felt speculative, a lot of the leaks seem valid from the first trailer. Since Vice City stays fresh in our memories even after 11 years, here are the locations in Vice City that we spotted in the GTA 6 official trailer:

The trailer starts with glimpses of the original smell of sand and the breeze of Miami City. As soon as the beaches are shown, you can notice the resemblance of Vice City Beaches with big skyscrapers surrounding it and, of course, people in bathing suits.

The trailer then takes us into the nightlife of Vice City in GTA 6, where we see two major nostalgic locations. We glimpse the Oceanview Hotel logo in its immersive neon pink color from afar. Oceanview is one of the iconic locations in Vice City where the first ever mission, “In The Beginning…” for the original Vice City, begins.

Speaking of iconic, the strip clubs are here in GTA 6. First, we walk inside the Malibu Club, which is packed with the crowds we expected. The similarities between the original Malibu and the new one can be easily seen. Gamers will also be able to spot the Pole Position in broad daylight. This is another iconic pole dancing and strip club from the original Vice City. If this ends up being, we might see two Vice City strip clubs again in the new game.

Okay, enough talk about parties; let’s now jump into the crime alley of Vice City. The trailer showcases a shipyard with multiple speeding boats in what looks like a fight or a race. This place instantly reminded me of the Boat Yard in Vice City. As such, I expect a lot of chaos around this place.

Speaking of chaos, we got our first look at the Pawn & Gun shop, which might very well serve as Ammu-Nation in the game. There will be a lot of action, as the trailer already showed Lucia and her partner drifting around the place. Here’s hoping the inside of the shop also carries the same feeling. Keep reading to find out how this connects further to some new locations.

Last but not least, it feels like canon to me as we see the South Bridge of Vice City in GTA VI. As you notice on the direction board of the bridge, it leads to the Vice City Airport, leading to even more possibilities.

A map leak from the X account, @GTASixInfo, suggested some locations that seem accurate to the Vice City setting and even match with some of the signboards seen in the trailer, such as Vice Beaches and Port VC/ Keys. Apart from these locations, other places shown in the leak are yet to be confirmed and lack evidence to claim as official.

Overall, it does look like the upcoming Vice City in GTA 6 is coming back with a lot of iconic locations that we loved and kept in our hearts. However, do note that this is only the first trailer for GTA 6. This means Rockstar might be hiding a lot of other Vice City locations under its sleeve.

Potential New Locations in GTA 6 Vice City

Apart from the different nostalgic locations, we also see some potentially new locations situated in Vice City. Leaks also suggest Port Gellhorn will be another big map similar to Vice City in GTA 6. But that is not the only big city in the Leonida state as another big city will also join the frame. This speculation comes from the leaks by X account @GTAVInewz.

In a tweet, the account means a conversation between two friends, one of them claimed to be a Rockstar Games head developer Aaron Garbut’s son. This conversation also goes into the details of having a large lake surrounding the city, which we finally see in the trailer. We can also see the Gun and Pawn shop located in Port Gellhorn from a quick glimpse. This further confirms the existence of Port Gellhorn in GTA 6.

Port Gellhorn Gun & Pawn Shop

As we await more official confirmation on new locations in GTA 6, let us have a look at some other new locations in Vice City shown in the trailer:

The Mud Club is a new location shown in the trailer. We can speculate that the location is based in Vice City, per the trailer’s in-game social comments. This is actually followed up by another Swamp Lake area that reminded me of Everglades in Vice City. However, the new one looks deserted and lacks buildings around it.

Furthermore, it looks like the Mud Club might be part of activities you can join in the game. But that’s not confirmed yet. Nonetheless, we are speculating it as a new location. Besides these locations, we can see signboards of locations that include Catalan Boulevard, Kelly County, and even districts like Stockyard Downtown.

As GTA 6 is set to launch in 2025, it is worth noting that there can be more connection between the old and new Vice City. We will share more updates on GTA 6 as they come out. Till then, tell us about your favorite Vice City location in the comments below.

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